Tuesday, 2 June 2015

MAC Wash and Dry Collection

First of all I want to apologise for my lack of update as life's been really crazy with repainting houses and attending sports day. 

Today I'm gonna write about MAC's latest collection, Wash and Dry. As you may have already seen like a bazillion pictures of it online, I would like to share mine as I think they are amazing in terms of packaging.

I'd say, well done MAC for making it uber pretty and making everyone rushing to get it. I was really lucky as I got them from Changi Airport before it is released islandwide on 1st June. This means, nothing was sold out on the stand ^_^

You can totally imagine my excitements when I was at the MAC counter taking my time to browse thru everything (well, not exactly in a relaxing mode as I was supposed to catch a plane an hour later). These are the items that caught my eyes big time.

Ombre gradual Green Orange/Red and Yellow. This packaging is simply gorgeous to the core. Even some of the products are astounding.

Take for example these 2 pieces. The Freshen Up Highlight Powder and Dual Face 125SE Brush. Its absolutely unique I can't wait to try them out.

Yup, the brush has a dual monochrome face indeed with luxurious white on one and mysterious black on the other. The highlight has this gorgeous pattern on the top. But I did read some review that its more like a blush than a highlight once the top layer wears off.

Next is the Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder in Golden Rinse. Its like nice warm tone bronzer with tiny flecks in it. But I just love how MAC make this print into this 3D washboard thingy. 

Last but not least are the Lipstick Satin in Steam Heat and Lipglass in Hot/Cold. I've chosen red from the four as I don't do well with nudes (they make me look dead). I love my deeper darker colour and I was not disappointed with my choice. And nevertheless, the packaging makes them all the more beautiful. 

So, if you happen to pass by a MAC counter, I suggest you go check them out as their brushes and some of the blushes are sold out. Get them before its too late >.<

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Suzie Q said...

I love the packaging of these mac products! The colors of the bronzer and blushes are so pretty! Great review!

xo, Suzie Q