Thursday, 20 August 2015

Shu Uemura Poreraser CC UV Under Base Mousse | Review

I attended Shu Uemura's workshop a while back (okay, maybe way way back) and was introduced to this product which claims to provide a flawless smooth canvas-like finish to the skin. Boy was I intrigued and did a little testing on the face. Immediately I was convinced to bring one home with me. 

Shu Uemura Poreraser CC UV Under Base Mouse in pink with SPF 35PA+++ is said to give a rosy complexion for dullness or yellowing skin. We were also told that the pink version actually brightens up your complexion, giving you that radiant healthy glow-from-within skin like never before.

And yes, they were so right about the brightening part. 

True to its product name, the product comes out foamy with a tinge of beige. Do be cautious when pumping out the product because with a little pressure dispense adequate amount for the entire face. 

When spread out with a sponge, you really couldn't see the coverage but pores are smoothen out and the skin seemed to appear lighter and more even textured. I really like that subtle luminosity that it gives thus providing a radiant and healthy glow-from-within when used before foundation.

My liquid foundation seemed to be noticeably longer-lasting and oxidation occurred after only after 8 hours (which is a 6 if I don't use any primer). I also like how light weight it felt on the skin and also how easily it blends evenly on my face.

Overall, I love this stuff but it would be even better if I can use my fingers to spread instead of makeup sponge (you know, laziness and all) when I'm in a rush for time. Kudos to SU for coming up with such an innovative product.

Rating: A-

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