Monday, 18 August 2014

Beauty: Everyday Eyeshadow Palettes Lovez ~ Dior, Lancome, MUA and Topshop

Phew, today was tiring as I totally sweat it out at the gym. By the time this post is up, I'm packing my stuff for Thailand (for business purposes) trip and probably be quite flustered fussing about what to bring. 

Alright, let's jump into the palettes. These 4 palettes are what I've been rotating on a daily basis and I just couldn't get enough of them. I mean, all the eyeshadows (with the exception of the lighter colours of the Lancome one) are just so soft and buttery and incredibly pigmented (well, Dior is a slight notch down though). 

From the back (See!? I can use my DSLR properly by focusing the back and blurring the front wtf), Lancome X Alber Elbaz Hypnose Doll Eyes 5 Colour Palette and MUA (Makeup Academy) Starry Night Eyeshadow Palette. 

Ever since I acquire the MUA eyeshadow pallete (which is super affordable) I've been using it non-stop. Although it doesn't show up in the photo but all of the eyeshadows contain sparkly bit and has a sheen to it. Its just surprising that the eyeshadows are nicely pigmented, long lasting on the eyelids, less fallouts and they only show signs of creasing after 8 hours of wear. The colour range is more towards cooler tones and it suits my olive skintone well. This is absolute love. 

I wasn't as keen towards the Lancome as I was with the MUA as some of the colours are of chalky and will make a mess out of your face with its fallouts (I'm looking at you, white and lightest grey). However, when I'm only paying for half the price of a normal Lancome palette (sales event), I would say its pretty much a good bargain. 

The front, Dior Couture Eyeshadow Palette in Pink Pompadour and Topshop Smokey Eye Palette in Constellation.

The Dior palette was a gift (which I truly am grateful for) and I instantly fell in love it. The packaging is to die for and the embossed lacey bits on the eyeshadow is just so feminine and girly. Totally up my alley. Sufficiently pigmented, pastel colours buttery soft and long wearing, this Dior is just gorgeous. Money well spent I'd say (although not from my pocket). A full review on this Dior lovely would be up soon. 

Last but not least and again with the discount, I got the Topshop palette for 70% off. Although I seldom use dark blackish colour, I just love the coral and purple colour within this palette. They are surprisingly soft and pigmented. They lasted 7 hours on me before fading a little. I just love that the packaging comes with a mirror and the exterior is littered with quirky pink polka dots. Great buy. 

Yup, that's it for now... Till next post ^_^

Friday, 15 August 2014

Beauty: Little Black Beauty Box August Edition

Wow, time has been passing by so quickly and we are already in August and with the August edition Beauty Box. 

Unfortunately I wasn't impressed with this month's beauty box as it seems to scale down on the product quantities and its actually pretty sad looking with the box only 1/5 filled. Although there are a few premium brands included, it is still quite disappointing really...

Ioma Cell Protector Sun Screen SPF 50 PA+++, Benefit Dream Screen  SPF45 PA+++, SKII Cellumination Lotion, SKII Cellumination Deep Surge, Shiseido White Lucent Eye Cream, Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

Radical Anti-aging Restorative Moisture Cream, Ralph Lauren Sample Perfume and Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion (seriously, I've been getting this sample all the time). 

I sure hope that next month's wouldn't be as boring as at least be like 3/4 filled and not a measly 1/5 else I would have to reconsider my subscription which I definitely don't want it to end.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Typical Food Served in a Chinese 8/10 Course Set

In no particular order (except for dinner always being the last), below are some of the dishes that you might get when you attend a wedding or function dinner which the Chinese love to indulge in.

Suckling pig with jelly fish

Braised tofu with assorted mushrooms and brocolli

Nature conservatives will substitute shark fin soup with some starchy sweet sour soup.

Steam prawns (sometimes cooked in stew)

Random veg (in this case its cashew nuts with some green peas)

Roast chicken or duck

Stew Abalone with cabbages

You don't always get Abalone in dinners as its freakin' expensive but if you are lucky enough, just take a close up shot of it and down it within 10 seconds :P

Usual egg fried rice with some BBQ pork, prawns and scallions

Steam promfret with soy sauce (this is not just any random salty sauce but its has a tinge of sweetness to it)

And last but not least, some desserts. Above are some mochi stuffed with sweet bean paste

There you have it. Like too much isn't it? But we usually love to serve up as much as we can to show that we are generous. Weird I know, but I don't mind really ;p

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Happy National Day Singapore

Never thought that I would dedicate a post specially for Singapore's National Day but seeing that this country has been my residing place for the last 3+ years (wow, time really does fly by), I guess I would like to write up a list of what I've been liking in this country.

5 things I like about Singapore:

1. Safety 
Seriously, this is the safest country that I've ever been to and I just felt so comfortable going to places or even leave my bags at the table while I order my food. Good job on keeping it this way Singapore.

2. Public Transport
Although sometimes there are some hiccups here and there, but the buses and MRTs here are just one of the most convenient, cleanest and comfortable transportation in the world which puts other countries' to shame (except for Japan which also has good public transport).

3. Clean
When you're driving on the highway, just look outside your window and spot the rubbish. I bet you a thousand bucks if you find one wtf -__-

4. Efficient Service
As one of the fastest pace country in the world (Japan is the champion and no country can ever beat that), people are expecting everything to be fast fast fast. Thus, restaurants and even hawker stalls (or other service lines) are serving up at a high speed. And if you are not satisfied with what you're getting, just complain to the respective authority and BAM you get an apology letter and a better quality of service.

5. That special someone
^_^ Enough said.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Review: MAC Alluring Aquatic

This review is so so so late that I'm quite ashamed to post it up now **head hangs low** But nevertheless, better late than never. 

To be honest, the main reason for me diving into this collection is because of its packaging. Top on my wishlist, I tried to get my hands on all most of the items as its not common that a MAC collection gets me this excited. 

Aren't they just swoon worthy!? You may have seen this collection floating around the internet couple times but this is by far my favourite... The water droplets looks all too real and are course to the touch (not in a bad way though).

So I've manage to pick up an eyeshadow (only this color entices me), 2 lipsticks and a bronzer.

The bronzer seems to be on a sheer side and does not give too much colour payout, thus a heavy hand is needed during application. I felt that this bronzer is a reminiscent of The Body Shop's bronzer whereby its easy to blend and does not have any shimmer in it. It doesn't look chalky on me even when tons are applied. I like it as it does its job as expected. 

The Lorelei Eyeshadow looks stunning in its packaging with its golden tones and shimmer applies smoothly on the eyelids. A tiny amount of fallouts do occur thus I would recommend using fingers or with a primer underneath. The eyeshadow is extremely pigmented and wears well for 6 hours on me before any signs of fading. A thumbs up from me.

Goddess of the Sea Cremesheen Lipstick. A befitting name for a befitting lipstick. Medium dark berry tones with a sheeny finish that lasts a good ol' 4 hours on me with a single swipe. The consistency is creamy and and its comfortable on the lips without the heavy icky feeling. If you shy away from heavy colours, just dab this in the middle of the lips and sheer it out with your fingers, you'll get a very nice tinted finish.

Next up is the Mystical Cremesheen Lisptick. On me, its a my-lips-but-better with a stronger red hue (note that my lips are slightly on the paler side). As with the Cremesheen's formula, its creamy and felt moisturising which surprisingly this lasted a good 5 hours before the colour recedes. A rosy beigy tone, this is bound to attract the likes of those who wants something muted. Love it <3

Unfortunately I'm too late on the blushes (all sold out before I can get my hands on them) and wasn't too keen on the lipglosses. Overall, a A- from me and which in my opinion is a money-worth-spent collection.