Sunday, 20 November 2016

Tarte Limited Edition Color Wheel Amazonian Clay Blush Palette Swatches & Review

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this Tarte Color Wheel Blush Palette is "I Must Have It, Like RIGHT NOW!!!"

Imagine the convenience of having 10 blushes in a single palette which is compact and with a pretty packaging. I can haz blush for dayzzzzz.....

And so, for the benefit of my readers, I decided to dip my fingers into the palette and swatch the heck out of it so that you have an idea how they are like. 

The swatches in its full glory, from top to bottom:

1. Mod
2. Deco
3. Surreal
4. Culture
5. Idol
6. Ironic
7. Crafty
8. Concept
9. Icon
10. Montage

A better look here from top to bottom:

1. Mod
2. Deco
3. Surreal
4. Culture
5. Idol
6. Ironic
7. Crafty
8. Concept
9. Icon
10. Montage

I'm going to go into detail with the colour and texture of each individual blush as they somehow fared inconsistently with good and lacking ones in terms of colour payoff and texture. 

From the top 12 o'clock position, clockwise: Mod, Deco, Surreal, Culture, Idol 

From the top: Mod, Deco, Surreal, Culture, Idol 

In the pan - A dusky coral with brown tones
Swatched - A warm coral 
Texture - Fairly smooth
Colour Payoff - Not as pigmented, took me 4 swatches to get to this colour on my wrist

In the pan - A bright reddish coral
Swatched - True to pan
Texture - Patchy and uneven
Colour Payoff - Quite alright, 2 swatches to get a good opacity. 

In the pan - A bright cool pink
Swatched - Baby pink
Texture - Smooth
Colour Payoff - Not as pigmented, took me 4 swatches to get to this colour on my wrist

In the pan - A dusky pink with golden sheen
Swatch - A mauve pink with gold flecks
Texture - Gritty but spreads easily 
Colour Payoff - Pigmented 

In the pan - A copper with gold sheen
Swatch - A champagne tone with glitter
Texture - Gritty but spreads easily
Colour Payoff - Pigmented

From bottom 6 o'clock position, clockwise: Ironic, Crafty, Concept, Icon, Montage

From the top: Ironic, Crafty, Concept, Icon, Montage

In the pan - A deep rich red
Swatched - As mauve red which is almost true to pan
Texture - Fairly smooth 
Colour Payoff - Pigmented

In the pan: A very light champagne gold
Swatched - A cool pale beige with glitter
Texture - Gritty and patchy
Colour Payoff - Not pigmented, this colour on my arm took me 4 swatches

In the pan - A browny nude
Swatched - A warm burnt orange
Texture - Smooth
Colour Payoff - Fairly pigmented with 3 swatches needed to get to this colour

In the pan - A light mauve red
Swatched - A pinky red with a sheen
Texture - Fairly smooth with little patchiness
Colour Payoff - Fairly pigmented with 3 swatches needed to get to this colour

In the pan - A deep pink
Swatched - A warm soft red
Texture - Smooth
Colour Payoff - Pigmented

Overall, I was really confused with this palette. I wanted to love it totally and whole heartedly but the performance of the palette makes me hesitant. There are hits and misses with the consistency and pigmentation of the product with the discrepancy of colour tones between seen in the pan and when swatched.

I really like the variety of highlighters and blush in a single palette however if you look closely, you'll notice some similar shades within this palette. I wish Tarte could have included a wider range of blush colour shades so that it could be a truly wonderful 10 colour blush palette with a variety of colours to choose from.

I wouldn't give this palette a high rating but would I recommend someone to buy this? It will be Of Course. Reason is that its a budget friendly palette with 10 x 2.4g blushes and highlighters for you to pick. No worries for "What blush should I wear today?" dilemma ^_^.

Friday, 11 November 2016

MAC Nutcracker Sweet Collection Haul & Swatches

When you think of Christmas, you think about (well at least I think):

1. The songs "Silent Night" and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"
2. Christmas Presents
3. Spices like Cinammon in literally everything (your drinks, your candles)
4. Public Holiday
5. Ballad or Christmas classics like "Ghost of Christmas Past", "Nightmare Before Christmas", "Polar Express" and "Nutcracker

I was extremely light headed when I saw images of the MAC Nutcracker Sweet Collection on Instagram and determined to get at least 2 items. Which two? Read on and I'll show you.

Was extremely lucky to attend the preview for the range whereby I manage to get my hands on one of the Face Compact before they sold out island wide. 

Items that I manage to score are a lipstick, a face compact and a blush (Magic Dust Powder they call it but I think its pigmented enough to be called a blush).

The lipstick that I picked is Amplified Creme Lipstick in Saucy Little Darling. There are a couple of other pink, red and purply shades but this particular shade speaks to me. 

Upon swatched, the colour on my skin tone shows this bright pink with a nice subtle sheen to it. I guess this is due to the Amplified Creme finish and I prefer it that way. There is a slight slip during application which makes it easy to apply across the lips without any tugging. On me, this lasted for approximately 4 hours before showing signs of fading. 

Next purchase here is Sweet Vision Magic Dust Powder or a blush with highlighting properties in my opinion. Here's why...

Well, can you just take a look at that swatch. Sweet Vision comes off as a light coral with tiny gold flecks in it. Its very pigmented and I only need to dip my brush lightly into the pan for a nice flush of colour on the cheeks. Compared to the other powder, Yum Yum Yum (a nice baby pink), this one performs much much better as YYY does not give as much colour payoff as I'd like to. 

Another thing that catches my eyes is the star embossment in the pan. Its too pretty and the good news is, it continued to stay on even after a couple of swatches and dipping of the brush. Thumbs up there...

Now here comes the highlight, is the Nutcracker Sweet Peach Face Compact (notice how the names all starts with the word "Sweet"? So cute right?).

Can we just take a minute to enjoy the packaging? 

Its covered in pink stripes and gold thread detailing. Its absolutely stunning.

And then, when you open the packaging, lo and behold, 2 breathtaking prints welcome you. I need to take another minute here. **hyperventilating**

Actually I was pretty sad that I did not acquire the Copper Face Compact as the highlighter in there is gorgeous (also known as the infamous Whisper of Gilt). Nevertheless, I am still in love with this one.

As you can see, the highlighter if applied heavy handedly, you'll get a layer of "white coloured" shimmer. But I do like how it gives a gorgeous sheen when apply lightly and blended out. The blush is a pretty soft pink with a subtle sheen. The texture of the powders are not really on the soft finely milled side but I do appreciate that they did not emphasise my pores or just "sits" on my skin. Do note that prolong used of the powders will result in the vanishing of the patterns so... Yeah, this is going into my "Untouchables".

Overall, I looooooooovvveeeee this collection a lot, from the packagings to the product themselves are all on point and I would definitely recommended everyone to get their hands on these before they sold out quickly. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Best Collagen Drink Ever - Puvay Fruit Puree-based Collagen Drink | ad

When it comes to collagen consumption in general, I used to be very very sceptical. Like microscopic-obsessive-I-don't-believe-in-miracles sceptical.

Then, June from Artemisia Communications reach out to me and invited me to Puvay's launches of 2 new fruit Collagen Drink event kinda change my mind.

If you don't already know, Puvay is the house brand for Pure Rich BioGems which is a Singapore based company that develops and manufactures health foods and beverages, being well known for their bird's nest products and tea beverages.

What the brand claims:

"Formulated to give the body a nutritional boost while replenishing collagen that we lose with age, Puvay's Collagen Drinks is more than just your usual fruit juice or beauty drink - its a beverage for the modern lifestyle, juggling work, fitness and beauty - while maintaining that wholesome taste"

As stated by Puvay, the collagen drink flavour contains 8000mg of Korean Marine Collagen Peptides which has shorter molecules called Collagen Peptides compared to other collagen drinks. This allows human body to absorb them quickly and directly to the skin.

Furthermore, Puvay's Collagen Drink use lesser amount of sugar substitute Stevia to add that nice sweetness to the drink instead of traditional sugar which ages our skin even more.

There are 4 flavours of Collagen altogether:
1. Peach Perfect
2. Passionfruit Spring
3. Mango Sunshine
4. Berry Husky

As aptly named, the taste are just as described. And when I looked at the nutritional info, one bottle only contains 53kcal and 4.4g of carbs which is considered on the lower side in my opinion. Plus, I absolutely think that drink taste delicious. Rest assure you get no fishy aftertaste like most of the other brands out there as they are carefully formulated to rid the drink of the smell.

As far as skin plumping effect goes, I see no difference in the bounciness of my skin just yet as I did not take the product long enough to determine its effectiveness.

All being said, I generally think that Puvay Collagen Drink taste great and one do not need to be too overly concern of its sugar content if one bottle is downed per day.

Retailing at $7 per bottle, head over to Wellness Hut for more info and to purchase.

Huge thanks to Artemisia Communications and Puvay for the invite for your generosity. ^_^

Disclaimer: The products are door gifts for attending the event and for review purposes. I was not sponsored in any monetary way nor instigated to used "preferred" words for this post. All opinions provided are honest and of utmost truest feelings of mine after testing the products. Different people might react differently to the product thus results may vary. 

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Personalised Skincare - Bottega Verde La Mia Crema | ad

Have you ever get hesitant to love a skincare product whole heartedly and find no faults about it?

Well, I do. Its always either the scent, the texture, the effect... just something that is not right about a great product and I wish it caters more to my preference.

Fret no more as a new kid is in town as you can customise the heck (excuse the language) out of it.

Introducing Bottega Verde La Mia Crema, translated, My Cream.

La Mia Crema is a "Personalised" Facial Cream that contains SPF 15 which has anti-aging properties. They also have active ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid to trap water as well as maintain skin moisture and Plant Sugar Complex to hydrate as well as boosts skin's barrier functions. 

As claimed by Bottega Verde:

"Not all skins are equal. A cream which works for a specific type of skin is not necessarily adaptable to a different one. According to factors such as hydration, surface lipids and age, every type of skin needs specific products because the necessities can change from one person to another. Spots, wrinkles, relaxed skin are just some of the problems that may appear. 

As a result, it is necessary to use suitable products in order to prevent the physiology of the skin from changing and to target problem areas. The identification of the basic features of the skin such the hydration level and skin type allows Bottega Verde to create a skincare treatment with personalized guidelines for the individual."

There are 3 steps to your customisation:

1. Skin analysis - The SA will first use an analyser to measure your skin moisture level and determine its intensity level before categorising you into your relevant stage. 

2. Q&A - There will be a simple array of questions to determine your skin type

3. Scent - And then you get to the fun part which is choosing the scent you like.

That's it. Easy peasy.

About a week or so, your cream will be customised and shipped from Italy and ready to be collected in store. 

As this is a cream with SPF, I use it during day time. Lo and Behold, I am totally smitten by my "Cindy Khor" La Mia Cream. First off, the scent is awesomely good (maybe due to the fact that I chose it? ;p). And then the consistency is light weight and easily absorbs into the skin despite it being anti-aging (you know, the presumption that all anti-aging creams are thick and gooey or is it just me?). I was also shocked at how well my foundation stayed on my skin throughout the day without clinging to my dry patches which earns many bonus points from me.

Conclusion, GO BUY IT NOW!!! I am serious. It is that good. If you really want me to nit pick, I guess it would be the waiting time to get this tub of awesomeness and the packaging can be improved to suit the more fanciful tastebuds.

Retailing at $89.90 for 50ml, do head over to Suntec City L2-454 (North Wing) and Punggol Waterway Point L1-56 to take a look.

Huge thanks to Adjectif Co and Bottega Verde for your generosity. ^_^

Disclaimer: The products are door gifts for attending the event and for review purposes. I was not sponsored in any monetary way nor instigated to used "preferred" words for this post. All opinions provided are honest and of utmost truest feelings of mine after testing the products. Different people might react differently to the product thus results may vary.