Sunday, 22 March 2015

17 Concealer | 18 Hour Stay Time Full Coverage Review

I genuinely love this product a lot, like A LOT!! Even better than the Collection Concealer that everyone seemed to loved. But I had a huge problem with that concealer, it creases like crazy on me and also sinks into my fine lines. I guess its the thick formulation and fuller coverage that promotes creasing.

So, back to this concealer, its freaking amazing. There are many concealers that tugs my heart, such as the ELF Concealer Highlighter Duo, Clinique Concealer Pen, Dior Star Concealer and this is just one of them that makes me look flawless.

I love the medium coverage, the longevity (lasts a whole day under my eyes without creasing as much and emphasising my fine lines), how it didn't oxidises after 8 hours, being non-cakey with least creasing, and most important of all, how easy it is to blend out the product. 

This product receive a huge thumbs up from me with its cheap price. The only thing is that.... I only could get it in the nearest neighbouring country which is Thailand :(

Thursday, 19 March 2015

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Collection Spring 2015 | Overview

I always tend to go gaga over cute and pretty packaging and no matter what the heck that product is, I will never fail to acquire it. 

This time round its the same for this MAC Toledo collection which caught my eyes ever since they first appear on Instagram (pre launched) and I told myself I'm definitely gonna get my hands on them.

Sure enough, a couple of blush and lipstick shades were sold out on its first launch day at Sephora ION Orchard before I even get to swatch them. But luckily enough for me, I manage to get my hands on all the 3 blushers (after the collection was launched at MAC counters island wide) and a couple of lippies (Oxblood lipstick is on it's way, special thanks to a good friend of mine).

I mean, cummon!! Who can ever resist these?? Alright, maybe some of you might think the packaging is creepy with the huge eyes and all but who cares!! This collection to me is awesome!!


Just take a look at these pretty blushers with ombre effect. I absolutely love them in the pan. They are Ripe Peach, Kindergarten Red and Azalea Blossom from the left. There is a downside, the peachy and purplely colour does not show up well on my skin. It takes a couple of swirls before I can get the right amount of colours on my cheeks. The red however is well pigmented. Such a bummer the quality of the products are not as good. 

As for the lipsticks and lipglosses, boy are they pigmented. The lipsticks are Victoriana and Barbeque from the left to right. Although they are of the Matte range, I don't feel them drying at all nor do they tug on my lips during application. I like red lippies which are non slippery so they don't slide all over my face after a couple of hours. And their vanila scent is commendable too. 

I also got the corresponding Victoriana lipglass and like that it does not sheer out too much upon application. Although it felt sticky on the lips, I guess that helps in the longevity of the pigmentation. 

All in all, I'm extremely glad I got this much from the collection as its been a while (except for Cinderella) since MAC comes out with a collection that creates such a buzz in the beauty sphere. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

K Palette Eyeliner and Mascara Review

I used to be a non mascara and eyeliner kinda person. I mean, I have queer weird eye shapes that encourages smudging and by the end of the day, you bet your a** I look like an inverted Panda. 

However, 2 years ago, I decided not to give up hope on humanity and embark on a quest to find the best Mascara and Eyeliner in town to save my dreaded eyes. 

Thus, I happen to chance upon this Japanese brand (or rather as a result of watching too many Youtube Videos), K Palette and immediately I was drawn into the claims below.

Magic Liquid Eyeliner (S$22.90) claims to be:
1. Easily drawn
2. Water proof 
3. Easily removable
4. Essence incorporated

1 Day Lash Perm Mascara (S$25.90) claims to gives:
1. No clumps and volume
2. Long lasting curls
3. Easy removal
4. Essence incorporated

You can totally imagine how excited I was when I saw them in Watson for a discounted price. So onto some serious testing we go.

The packagings are cute. One pink and the other purple. Let's start with the eyeliner first. 

This eyeliner is instant love. As almost accurate to how it's marketed, this eyeliner is smudge proof. Yes siree!!! Please note that I have normal eyelids (lean a little bit towards the oily side) but somehow my under eyes area always gets black residue whenever I use pencil or kohl eyeliner. This product does its job very well in terms of longevity (lasted all day on me), pigmented (unlike the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eyeliner) and didn't smudge on me. 

My only gripe is that the brush is too long for my liking as it was flimsy during application (Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eyeliner does well in this department), hence I need some practice before mastering precise control. Another thing is that I don't think its easy to remove with eyes makeup remover. A few swipes is needed to get all the products off. 

As for the mascara, it did hold and curl my short stick-straight lashes for the entire day which is an absolute Wow factor for me. Seldom do I encounter mascara that performs as well (together with Maybelline Volume Express and Urban Decay Canonball though). What's more is that it does not clump my lashes, the formula is not that wet either (hate it when its too wet and gets everywhere), no flaking thoughout the day and the bristles are just about the right size (dislike big wands which results in me poking my eyeball every application). 

The only downfall, like almost every other mascara is I do get smudging under my eyes (sigh...unable to escape from the fate of smudging). Another thing to note is that it's quite stubborn and doesn't come off easily too, definitely needs several swipes of makeup remover to clear them up. 

Overall, I enjoy this brand a lot especially the eyeliner. They produce good quality result and are also much cheaper when compared to other high end brands that couldn't even perform as well. Thumbs up from me. 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

SKII Pitera Essence Set Red Flower Edition Review

SKII has always been one of my favourite brands since I was in Japan (as its sold cheap there) as their products work well with my skin.

Of course there's the ever popular and highly rated Facial Treatment Essence which claims to be miracle water. How miracle you say? Well, it does really well in brightening the skin and even-ing out colour skintone. 

You might have know by now (its been advertising everywhere anyway) that SKII was created after a bunch of scientist discovered that the Sake Brewers hand are baby soft hence Pitera was developed (derived from fermented rice) and incorporated into skincare. For more info, click here.

The brand and products were then born to enhance youth and beauty to women of all ages (or so it claims). 

I am a sceptic when it comes to claims like this but I couldn't deny that after 2 weeks of slapping the essence onto my skin, I notice that my breakouts are not as frequent and my skin looks brighter. I didn't see improvements on my wrinkles though however I did observed that dull patchy discoloured spots becomes lighter. Its a thumbs up from me.

I even manage to convert my boy to use it and he likes how light weight it felt (note that guys are very picky with their skincare as they don't fancy heavy creams or the sticky residue that rich skincare products leave).

A word of cautions is that the essence literally smells like fermented rice. Its like pungent beer that has been left on the counter for a couple of days (or it seems so to me). 

But all in all, I kinda like this set (although I didn't notice anything different after using the lotion and mask) as its priced at S$99 only (I bought it off Luxola hence cheaper when discount coupon is used) with a beautiful flower design on the package.