Tuesday, 14 April 2015

March Favourites 2015

This post comes a bit late but better late then never right? ^_^

So here are my March Favourite products and I do love them to bits. Take a look at what I've been using constantly in the third month of the year. 

1. Lancome Tonique Comfort Toner
- Love using this with a cotton pad. Noticed that I seldom seem to breakout after using this product. Thumbs up from me.

2. Creme Simon Brightening Detox Micellar Water Makeup Remover
- Love how this makeup remover doesn't sting my eyes (I'm looking at you Chanel Eye Makeup Remover) and takes my waterproof eyeliner in just 1 swipe. Impressive. 

3. The Face Shop Hydrogel Golden Eye Patch
- This feels great on the skin. Love how lux it looks in the pot and also feels hydrating under the eyes. Although I have yet to see visible effects on my wrinkles, I felt all pampered thus bonus points for this product.

4. Nars Audacious Lipstick in Audrey + MAC Lipgloss in Slippers (Cinderella Collection)
- This combo is absolutely gorgeous. The bold tenacious red from the lipstick compliments well with the sheer shimmery gloss, making your lips appear fuller and sexier. No kidding. I seldom apply full on red lipstick but this combi gets me loving the bold bright colour like instantly.

5. Fragonard Diamant Parfum
- If classy, luxurious, sophisticated, intoxicating and rich were to be combined to a perfume, this would definitely be it. It has a strong musky citrusy scent (with a sweetness undertone) that lasted all day long. My definitely go-to scent if I'm on a romantic date.

6. Etude House Stippling Brush
- Cheap and with good quality, this brush is such a dream. Absolutely love the pink handle too. 

7. Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede
- Another perfume favourite for this month as I just couldn't pass up this amazing floral scent from JM. Totally reminds me of a beautiful garden filled with booming flowers. And it doesn't make my head ache too which is a plus point. 

8. MAC Stroke of Midnight Eyeshadow Sextet (for 6)
- Couldn't believe that I would love an eyeshadow palette from MAC. Normally its a hit and miss kind of consistency with MAC's eyeshadow palette but this one manage to win my heart over. The overall performance was good with all eyeshadows (except for the deep purple one) being smooth, buttery, pigmented and non-patchy. Love it to bits.

9. Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation
- This smells like chocolate heaven. I usually prefer liquid foundation but this nifty foundie gets me excited. Its a light to medium coverage but definitely buildable and I just love how it takes my forehead shine away whenever I touch up during the day. Love that it has a mirror inside in it too which means its good for travelling. 

So there you have it, my 10 favourites for the March 2015. What's your favourite for March or April? Do let me know ^_^

Thursday, 9 April 2015

4 Steps to Achieve Flawless Skin

Recently I have been complimented many times on my skin being all smooth and radiant. This of course made me really happy and I thought that I should share my tips of getting the skin that I have been "wearing"

But of course, before we jump into the makeup products that I use, skincare routine is super important too as flawless skin does 100% starts from within. I highly recommend Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel which helps rid pimples and reduces pigmentation simultaneously. 

1. Primer / Base
Product: Benefit The Porefessional
This paste like primer is awesome for covering pores and helps foundation clings onto skin like no other. Although its not enough to hide imperfections like scaring or blemishes, it does well in smoothing out any bumps and holes which paves a nice canvas for you to paint on your foundation.

2. Foundation
Product: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
I'm quite fortunate to have good skin (thanks mum ^_^) thus light coverage foundation has always been staple. This liquid foundation (much prefer liquid foundation as creamy types make me look cakey and powder types cling onto my dry patches) is not only light weight, but it feels like skin, doesn't cake, looks natural and has this subtle glow to it making you look like you have 8 hours of sleep. Love the nice scent of this product too. Bonus is that it has SPF15 in it (but I still recommend that you wear sun screen).

3. Powder
Product: MAC Studio Fix
Mine's a combination skin type, slight oily T-zone and dry cheeks and chin area. Thus, by the end of the day, my forehead will definitely look shiny (although some might mistaken it for radiant skin :P) and most of my foundation tends to drop off. MAC Studio Fix powder has always been a cult product and boy does it live up to its hype. I like how natural this looks after application without looking dead, like you know, whitish cast ghost-like dead skin. It also helps in keeping my fore less shiny. Thumbs up.

4. Concealer (not pictured here)
Product: Dior Star Concealer, ELF Concealer/Highlighter Duo, Clinique Airbrush Concealer
I tend to only use concealer sparingly which is under the eyes. I have really dark eye circle and sometimes when I don't get enough of sleep, I look like I got punched in the face (seriously). Thus, these concealer saves my day by having a medium coverage and non-cakey formula. I hate when concealer makes me has inverted panda eyes (for being too thick) and skins into my fish tail wrinkles. I don't normally put concealer on blemishes as I wanted them to breathe and recover faster.

So, here you go... The key products of mine that lets me achieve the face that I'm having right now. Hope that this gives you some idea how to make your skin look better.

So, what are your must-have makeup bases?

Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Little Black Beauty Box April Edition | StylexStyle

April's Edition of TLBBB from StylexStyle is all about pampering yourself and making you look like a Star (like literally, a famous star from Hollywood) with all the inner glow and healthy skin. 

For those who are new to this, basically its a subscription beauty box (which it doesn't allow you to subscribe a couple of months but you have to order the box monthly) and you get 9 to 10 products for just S$22.90. Brands included are of high end like Biotherm, Dior, Guerlain or even Benefit which items are definitely worth the money you paid for. 

So for this month's, skincare and body care is emphasised, from shampoo, to body lotion and to moisturisers. Even nail tools are included too which is quite a surprise. There are also new brands included like Angel which is a Korean brand. 

1. Angel Pure Essence
2. Angel Moisturising Cream 
3. Origins Rejuvenating Treatment
4. Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher
5. Biotherm Purefect Skin 2 in  1 Pore Mask
6. SP Shine Defence Mask 
7. Belif Body Bomba 
8. DKNY My NY Perfume
9. Kiehl's Dark Spot Solution
10. Tweezerman Nail File

All in all, I do kinda like this box but it somehow fell short compared to its predecessors. I think maybe its because of the inclusion of a new brand which I never heard of and I'm not such a huge fan of Korean skincare.

However, one can always expect or anticipate that the next box would be better ^_^.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Top 10 Favourite Perfumes | Chanel, Gucci, Juicy Couture etc.

Its been a while since I last blogged and I am truly apologise on that. So much stuff has been going on lately and I have to say I'm indeed overwhelmed by it. 

In order to not let my readers down, here is a roundup of some of the perfumes that I've been wearing constantly (and kinda loving).

Do excuse the blurry picture, shaky hands :P

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia
- Its a sweet fruity scent that doesn't overwhelmed the sensitive nose. Welcomed by most of the ladies I had known of and its the best selling scent from the brand. A definite top favourite in my list.

The Body Shop English Dawn White Gardenia
- White floral tones with a musky layering, great for spring time and day wear.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre
- Floral and powdery but at the same time sophisticated grown up. Love this for special occasions.

Paris Hilton Perfume
- Sweet all the way with a huge fruity and warm undertone. Perfect for girly nights out. Oh hey, and I did received tons of compliments from the guys too when wearing this. A dark horse indeed.

Victoria Secret Pure Day Dream
- Kind of sweet, kind of musky with a hint of floral. This scent reminds me of the evening sunset with a cocktail in one hand and my lover in the other. Sensual...

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur 
 - Intoxicating but yet florally feminine. This scent is light enough to wear in the day but can be layered for a more enhanced smell.

Taylor by Taylor Swift
- Love the mixture of fruity and floral scent in this. There seems to be a deep woody scent wafting though all the femininity. It leans toward a more mature smell but doesn't spell grandma. A one-of-a-kind scent.

Gucci Flora by Gucci
- This smells expensive, like a rich lady sipping on her cup of tea at the pavement way with a cigarette in her hand. But a hint of floral paves its way thru bringing out the feminine side of her otherwise rich aura.

DKNY Be Delicious
- Fruity, young and fresh. A spritz of this perfume gets all your senses awakens just that zat **clicking finger**

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck
- Love the complicated smell of this perfume. Its like fruity but not quite there, musky and spicy but isn't sharp enough to be detected, floral but yet oh-so-rich. And I love the bottle too, like some holographic display.

So here are my take on how the perfume smells on me and how I perceive their scents thru my nose. My collection is definitely growing and maybe I'll write up another post to showcase all of them for you guys in the future ^_^. 

What's your favourite perfume of all time?