Thursday, 23 July 2015

Benefit Puff Off Instant Eye Gel Review

I have been battling with dark eye circles and puffy under eye area for as long as I can remember (to be precise, its since I start working). Its just a nuisance that these buggers make me look haggard and depressed. 

And since then, I have been on the constant search for the best eye cream ever. Until I found this product...

Benefit Puff Off Instant Eye Gel

I got attracted to the many reviews on Instagram and Blogs that this innovative product helps with reducing puffiness and lighten dark eye rings. Instantly, I knew I have to get it.

This eye gel comes in a sleek tube but with an unexpected small volume of 10ml (standard eye creams comes in 15ml quantity). I was quite bummed that I paying much more for something that's not considered high end but when I open the cap, all depressing feeling just went away...

The applicator is just too cute. Shaped like an iron, it is marketed to smooth out puffiness and fine lines. I have still yet to attest to it being able to reduce fine lines, but I was quite happy on how it lessen the puffiness of my under eye area.

What I even love more about this applicator is that it has this cooling surface that makes application very shiok (meaning, relaxing and euphoric). Using this after a long day of staring at computer screens at work is such a revelation (maybe I am exaggerating a bit but you get the point). Instant de-stress tool I'd call it.

Now, onto the gel itself. Its really light weight (although I do prefer my eye products to be creamier and thicker) and easily absorbed into the skin. Of course, the cons of it being light weight and easily absorbed is that I have the tendency of using up more product than I should. 

I do feel that it helps brighten up my eyes and with the frequent use of this product, my dark eye circles seemed to lighten a tad bit. I am definitely approving this eye gel for its effectiveness in which many others couldn't do the job. 

Overall, I enjoyed this product thoroughly. However, I would repurchase only if I run out of options to buy as its not on the cheaper end of the price spectrum. But don't get me wrong, this product is indeed one-of-a-kind and Benefit definitely up its game in terms of skincare. 

Sold at S$45 at all Sephora outlet. 

Rating: B+

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Update of What's Going On in My Life - One Word!!


1. Wedding preparation is no easy feat. There are literally tons and millions of things to take care of and I've already tried to scale down the size of my wedding. Music, photographer, dress, gold, invitation cards.... (the list just goes on)...... Always wonder how does other couples do it!? o_O

2. New work place. I've been trying my very best to pick up and learn as much as I could at my new work place, its just crazy with the amount of work needed to be done. KPI starts kicking in and I'm starting to feel the stress. Speaking about hectic huh..

3. Am in the process of getting a new home/house (yay!! ^_^) and there are like bazillion of documents and process that we need to prepare. Seriously, why does adulthood have to be so tough?

**Sigh... I'm like complaining all the way when these are suppose to be happy occasions...


4. Too Faced is going to release their new autumn collection on 6th Aug at all Sephora Singapore stores and I am excited. Click here and here to find out why!!

5. Another exciting beauty news is, remember the post where I raved about a magical product that lifts face and defines jawlines in seconds? Plosion from MTG is available on their website now!!! Woohoo ^_^.... Click HERE to check it out if you want a more sculpted model-like face.

6. I still haven't got a clue where should I go for my honeymoon. My plan initially was Greece (specifically, Santorini) but man, it seems to be unsafe now with its economic crisis and demonstration and all. Next on my list is Korea or New Zealand or Bora Bora Island!? Any suggestions?

7. I have made good friends over the past year on my beauty quests (blogging, attending events, Instagramming etc) and I sincerely felt thankful to get to meet all these wonderful ladies who taught me so much. I love you guys!!! Muuuaaaahhhh <3 <3

8. Finally, I'm in the midst of saving money (you can guess how much torment I have to go thru when I walk pass Sephora) and reducing weight. Its a toughie I can tell you that and it really takes life challenges to a whole new level. Kudos to those who succeed in these.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

NARS Audacious Lipsticks | Audrey and Vanessa

You probably have seen tons of reviews on this line of lipstick from NARS (probably more positive ones) but I think its time to share my piece of opinion.

I picked up Audrey and Vanessa and boy was I not disappointed. From their names to their packaging to the colour itself, they just shout elegance and sophistication. 

Left to right: Audrey and Vanessa 

What I love most about this range is their packaging. Its in a sleek metallic casing that doesn't cause stickiness such like their original rubbery ones when the material starts degrading. There is also a magnetic click to close the cap, awesome!!

Left to Right: Vanessa and Audrey

As you can see here, the pigmentation is insane. Like seriously jaw-dropping insane. The above picture is 2 full on swipes of the lipstick and I couldn't even stop staring at how gorgeous the colour is.

Vanessa is a nude lipstick with pink undertone and there seem to have a subtle warmth to it. Whereas Audrey is a sexy deep red (almost close to wine red) with an air of coolness. Both doesn't tug on the lips upon application and sits comfortably.

Their longevity is also another plus factor. Imagine 5 solid hours without budging even after talking and sipping of water. Huge prompt thumbs up from me.

I seriously, sincerely and whole-heartedly encourage you to check out this range if you haven't already. This is totally a life changing lipstick that every girls need to have in their stash.

Ratings: A+