Sunday, 3 June 2012

Skincare, Makeup and Bath Haul

The video... Enjoy ^_^

List of products mentioned:

1. Essential Rich Premier Conditioner -> To Buy

2. Liese Hair Cocktail -> To Buy

3. The Body Shop Mange Shower Gel -> To Buy

4. Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover -> To Buy

5. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick 525 Peachy Scene -> To Buy

6. Maybelline MasterLiner in Brown -> To Buy

Sometimes I just don't understand myself. I used to think about one thing but the next moment I did an exact opposite of what I thought. Quite frustrating really, to not be able to carefully capture my thoughts and portray them how I want them to be. Its really intimidating that I often act without using my brains or any rational instinct. I think that this is the real reason that why I felt so stressed-out lately.

I am not achieving what I wish for, instead, I'm going towards an opposite direction.

Like in this case, I had warned myself multiple times to not not not spend so much money on things that I already have but just in a different variation of color or packaging. But to my utmost disappointment, I failed so badly in the self-controlling department that sometimes I wish to kick myself in the arse for being tempted so easily into gimmicks and discounts.

Alright, this post is making me feeling all remorseful and guilty so I'd decided to stop the lecturing for now.

Thus, I think I need to restrain myself from doing any sorts of shopping starting from now on, including window shopping of any kind until there is an absolute need to refill my stash. Or else..

Byebye Shopping!!


yeeling said...

it's ok for spending actually... cuz tats woman's nature..wakakaka
Or else next time dun bring too much cash and ur credit card out with u.. this helps in stopping urself for spending too much :P

Cindy Khor said...

Its hard.. :(

Better to not step out from the house