Friday, 6 March 2015

Meiji Amino Collagen Profec | Ad

First of all I would like to thank the generous Meiji for this supplement. 

Before I begin this post, I want to put a disclaimer that I am not anyway sponsored or being paid to review product. This product was sent to me for review purposes and as always, my opinions are of utmost honest and truest as I do not wish to tarnish the integrity of this blog.

So here goes....

Way before I was sent this product, when I was in Japan, I have tried supplements from Meiji. To be exact, Collagen Powder that is. I have always been fascinated by the apparent "Power" of these collagen products and what the brand claims.

I was kinda impressed back in those days where I feel that my skin was indeed brighter and wrinkles seemingly reduced a little after taking the supplement 2 months. 

So when I was contacted to try out the new version of this collagen powder (with added pre-biotic which helps in the digestive system), of course I gave a resounding yes (please note that I do not simply accept items for review if I couldn't recognise the brand, thus you bet I had turned down some opportunities). 

So here's what it looks like. This is actually the refill, thus it was quite a hassle to store this thing after opened. A spoon-like scoop is also provided for easier consumption.

Onto the ingredients. As you notice, there is fish collagen, Maltodextrin (thickener/starch), Whey Powder, Veg oil, Vitamin C, Glucosamine and other ingredients. Thus, if you are lactose, gluten or fish intolerant, please stay away.  

The recommended way of consuming this product is to add to cold or hot beverages/food. For me, I usually add it to me cup of tea every morning. 

So, this product claimed that it does not only helps in maintaining healthy skin and locks in skin moisture, but also it contains prebiotic to promote good bacteria growth for healthy intestine. Since this is a collagen product, one can also assume that the product will help in the suppleness and bounciness of the skin.

Now, my thoughts on this product...

After consuming this product for approximately a month, I would say I have mixed reviews. Below is a summary of pros and cons I find:

1. This product did help in my digestive system. I experienced good excretion patterns and was consistent for toilet trips. This made me very happy as I frequently get constipation and its really bothering me.
2. Because of my better digestion, the skin on my forehead benefits a whole lot. I don't get pimples there as often as I used too and I checked that pimples on foreheads meant poor digestive system so hurry!!!
3. My skin doesn't look as dull as a month before. I'm not sure what ingredient in the product is contributing to this phenomenon, but I am happy to report that my face is not looking as dead as before.

1. I did not experience as bouncy effect or reduction in wrinkles on my forehead and mouth area. I guess I am aging now so its kinda hard to repair the aging tissues. Besides, I have been consuming way much sugar (Chinese New Year cookies and box drinks hello!!!) which is known to age the skin so quickly before you can even say "I look old"
2. The smell and taste is quite unpleasant. I recommend that you should add this product to a stronger flavoured food / drink.

Will I buy this product? Well, it's really hard to say because time to time we tend to fall for gimmicky products which claims youthful skin in a bottle (a packet in this case). I very much wanted to say a "No" as I see no significant change to the bounciness of my skin (however, do keep in mind that I have only 1 month's of supplement to try so result may not be as effective) but sometimes, these kinda product makes us feel good about ourselves, like we are feeding our body the right nutrition and so on, leads us to buy them again and again. So, the case is up to you ^_^

Disclaimer: Product effects may vary from people to people thus the opinion above is solely what I truly experience and wanted to share with you guys.

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