Saturday, 28 August 2010

Three Must Have Makeup

These are probably my staple makeup products that I must must must use before I leave for work. Or I'll look tremendously like an ogre, a witch, a gollum, a zombie, a troll, oh alright... an ugly old woman. So...

Of course, who can ever forget my love for blush. They totally make my cheeks flush as if I just had the most rosy cheeks anyone can have. I need these... **oogling**

Not to mention, lipgloss. They are practically my saviour as I use to have quite sickly looking pale lips. Thus the hint of colour and the glossy-ness could totally fool passer-by into thinking that I'm Marilyn Monroe with luscious smackers. **muah...**

Oh yeah, and the last item. Concealers. These are so so essential that I kinda forget how not to wear them before I leave the house. I know, my dark eye circles can't save my life, for that matters.

My mood right now: Happy, reluctant, confused, sad, depressed, anticipate, lonely, worried.

Just like a mud-ball of emotions thrown to me at once. Don't really know what I should be exactly feeling right now. But, you know, a human doesn't get too many 10 years to spend, so I guess I have to stop thinking of these darn annoying feelings and just get on with life. The earth will never stop turning just because I'm feeling down, well said indeed.

Alright, CINDY. Toughen up!!!


oLive said...

Dont call urself as an ugly old women ler.. confidence is the prettiest dy!

Cindy Khor said...

thanks olive. your words means a lot.