Sunday, 15 August 2010

MAC In The Groove

Finally, I'd got my hands on these 2 urban legend of all blushes... MAC Stereo Rose (SR) and Petticoat (PC) Mineralize Skinfinishes. They are totally sold out world wide, but a queer thing is that nobody in Japan gave a shit as the counter was kinda empty -__-'''

So here they are...

Left: PC and Right: SR. Aren't they pretty?? Alright, I admit. I say that they are pretty because they are limited edition and that they are sold out world wide. Honestly, they look pretty much normal except for the occasional sparkle from the gold veins running them.

SR (top one) seems to be a bit more reddish and orangey while PC (bottom one) seems a bit more brownish earthy tone . But still, the more I look at them, the prettier they become.. -__-'''

Nah..the final picture. I am just so happy to be the proud owner of them both. Now, I don't even wanna count the number of blush I have in my stash.


Cath J said...

Love the colours... ^_^

Cindy Khor said...

yeah, they are indeed pretty