Tuesday, 10 March 2015

SKII Pitera Essence Set Red Flower Edition Review

SKII has always been one of my favourite brands since I was in Japan (as its sold cheap there) as their products work well with my skin.

Of course there's the ever popular and highly rated Facial Treatment Essence which claims to be miracle water. How miracle you say? Well, it does really well in brightening the skin and even-ing out colour skintone. 

You might have know by now (its been advertising everywhere anyway) that SKII was created after a bunch of scientist discovered that the Sake Brewers hand are baby soft hence Pitera was developed (derived from fermented rice) and incorporated into skincare. For more info, click here.

The brand and products were then born to enhance youth and beauty to women of all ages (or so it claims). 

I am a sceptic when it comes to claims like this but I couldn't deny that after 2 weeks of slapping the essence onto my skin, I notice that my breakouts are not as frequent and my skin looks brighter. I didn't see improvements on my wrinkles though however I did observed that dull patchy discoloured spots becomes lighter. Its a thumbs up from me.

I even manage to convert my boy to use it and he likes how light weight it felt (note that guys are very picky with their skincare as they don't fancy heavy creams or the sticky residue that rich skincare products leave).

A word of cautions is that the essence literally smells like fermented rice. Its like pungent beer that has been left on the counter for a couple of days (or it seems so to me). 

But all in all, I kinda like this set (although I didn't notice anything different after using the lotion and mask) as its priced at S$99 only (I bought it off Luxola hence cheaper when discount coupon is used) with a beautiful flower design on the package.

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