Saturday, 18 August 2012

My Beauty Diary Masks: Bird's Nest

Well, as some of you may know, Bird's Nest are made from Swallow's saliva. Yup, you read it right. The secretion from a bird's mouth may be the last thing that you might want to put on your face, but trust me, it contains all the beauty properties you might need for looking radiant (although some scientific research proved that bird's nest may not contain any beneficial substance, but oh well, we Chinese had been consuming this expensive delicacy since.. oooh... I don't know when..)

Thus, this mask was slightly intriguing as I always wonder what would bird's nest smells like. But trust me, the mask smells anything but saliva and I guess that its due to the ingredients that the manufacturing added in that mask off the unpleasant.

So according the packaging, this mask could help in locking in moisture and smooth fine facial lines. Not only that, the mask is said to brightens dull skin and introduce firmness to slagging skin. Sound promising. 

And true to its word, I do feel that my skin brightens noticeably after just one application. I'd noticed that my face looked less yellowish and there seem to be a nice radiance going on. Its just surprises my so that finally, a mask that does as it promises. Thumbs up.

I really do recommend this mask out of all My Beauty Diary Masks. But if you are looking for something that smells good and relaxing, then give this mask a skip. But if you are like me looking for a quick fix to brighten up your face before putting on makeup or going out, then this would be for you.

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