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2 Steps to Brighter and Clearer Skin with Laneige

Laneige, a very well known Korean brand which is famous for its Sleeping Mask and Cushion Foundation has been deeply rooted around Asia especially Singapore. Their belief has always been providing skincare products that boost radiance and clear supple skin, just like what you see on Korean women. 

Well, I must say, after testing out these 2 products, I really think they work wonders on my skin. Read on and I'll show you why. 

**Warning: Picture heavy**

The items that I choose are these three (from the left):

1) Pure Radiant Shadow in No.2 Shine Gold
2) Clear C Advanced Effector 150ml
3) White Plus Renew Original Essence_EX

First, let's talk about Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector

According to the brand, the lotion has:

"Anti-oxidizing super berry extracts for skincare Extracts from acerola cherry and acai berries, super berries with four times’ anti-oxidizing effects of Vitamin C, prevent skin from oxidizing to help you achieve a healthier  appearance. Clean and even brightening care Clear C, Laneige's original essence, contains Melacrusher and super berry extracts, components with 3.5 times’ brightening effect when used together for bright, clear skin." ~ Laneige

This comes with a pump which dispenses the water-based essence nicely. There is a measuring guide at the back of the bottle for your reference on how much product has been dispensed. 

What I do with this product is that after cleansing, I'll wet the cotton pad (a box of cotton pad is included together with the item, and do note that the cotton pad is of good quality, score!) with 2.5ml of product and pat it onto my skin according to the instructions given. 

Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit luxurious, I'll soak up the entire cotton pad and peel it to several sheets before applying to my entire face like a mask. The scent is extremely soothing (light floral) and I can feel my face drinking up the product like crazy (I'm a dry to normal skin type).

For demonstration purposes, I left the cotton pad on my hand for approximately 5 minutes and if you look closely to the picture above, you can see how dry and cracked the skin on the left was while the skin on the right looked smooth and supple. I can't vote on whether it brightens my skin as I haven't been using it long enough but I do love how my skin felt less tight after application. 

The lotion kind of paves the way for subsequent products to be absorbed more effectively. I noticed that my serum and moisturiser require the least amount of spreading effort and they absorb quickly into the skin after the lotion. 

My only gripe about this product is I wish they include the "How to use" instruction on the bottle instead of only on the information paper. I mean, I'll definitely throw the paper away after ripping the box. Oh well, that's just me.

Next up is the White Plus Renew Original Essence_EX (wow, that's a mouth full). And I swear that its not my camera having shaky blur problem or playing tricks to your eyes but its the packaging has a reflective interior that makes you see doubles. 

According to the brand, 

"Laneige Original Essence consists of Melacrusher™ Formula that prevents melanin from setting in, improving melanin levels, evenness, skin brightness, and glow; also contains  green tea polysaccharides that help achieve smooth, moisturized skin, taking you one step closer to the bright, vibrant, and milky complexion of your dreams." ~ Laneige

The bottle comes with a pipet which I love as it helps in avoiding contamination. Makes it easy to dispense product out too. 

The lotion is an opaque milky formulation which is emollient for easy spreading on the skin. 

As you can see, my skin looks so much clearer and brighter compared to the previous picture before application. I could literally see my face glowing with radiance and it seemed like I have good well-rested skin for days. 

After having my baby, I haven't been sleeping very well and my skin has suffered looking all dull and tired. Thus this product helps so much in making me look awake and glow from within. I have high hopes for this product to whiten my skin after prolong use. Fingers crossed. 

Well, one thing before we move on to the next product, my skin did felt a bit tacky after application and you need a while for the product to be fully absorbed (i.e. less tacky). However I don't really mind as I sleep in an air conditioned room and the dry air kind of helps quicken the absorption process.

And last but not least, its the stunning Pure Radiant Shadow in No.2 Shine Gold. As usual, I choose this palette is because of its neutral earthy tones.

The colours in the palette are really wearable and they match each other perfectly. With the bottom taupe colour as a base (all over the lid), the lighter cream colour for the inner conner of the eyes, the darker brown colour for the outer corner and a sweep of gold glitter on the top, its the perfect look to pull off from day to night

What I like about this palette is the eyeshadows are smooth in texture and not powdery. The colours blends smoothly (except for the glitter) and it has adequate pigmentation although 2 swipes is what I'd recommend if you want a nice opaque-ness. 

For your reference, the prices for the products are listed below:

1) Pure Radiant Shadow in No.2 Shine Gold ~ SGD$40
2) Clear C Advanced Effector 150ml ~ SGD$56
3) White Plus Renew Original Essence_EX ~ SGD$80

Do head over to any Sephora outlet to try out the products or head over to Sephora website for more info and to purchase.

Huge thanks to Sephora for your generosity. ^_^

Disclaimer: The products are PR samples for review purposes. I was not sponsored in any monetary way nor instigated to used "preferred" words for this post. All opinions provided are honest and of utmost truest feelings of mine after testing the products. Different people might react differently to the product thus results may vary. 

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