Thursday, 14 May 2015

MAC Cinderella Collection | Lipglass in Glass Slipper

And now onto the ever anticipated lipgloss review. Just the packaging and the product in the tube makes me swoon and go weak by the knees. I just how delicate it looks, like a girl wearing a dainty shoes prancing around a rose garden (ok, my metaphor is getting way to weird). 

So let's jump right into my thought on it.

On first swatch, it looks..... INTIMIDATING!! I am not a girl who loves her sparkles in her gloss (I prefer them on my fingers or neck) thus this was definitely not what I veer towards to. 

And Sparkles + Sticky Gloss = No No for me

I mean, just look at those pink sparkly bits o_O. 

But I decided to be brave and take the plunge as I strongly believe that I will not get deterred by something so small. So, I went ahead and try it out on its own.

Result!? Its terrible.

But... But... Wait a minute before you start condemning this product... When I paired it with a darker lipstick colour and put this on top...

Result!? WOW!!! Its freaking GORGEOUS.

The sheer pigmentation and sparkle compliments any bold bright lipstick colour by giving it that extra oommphh and making your lips poutier. Definitely a show-stopper when you apply the gloss right in the center of your lips. It lasted quite a while (for approx 3 hours before leaving the sparkle behind) on my lips thanks to its tackier formulation

So, my take on the gloss is that do pair it with a bold base and skip wearing on it own. Oh, and a word of caution is that the sparkles might transfer to other part of your face so be careful when wiping your lips.

Rating: B- (on its own) / A- (with lipstick)