Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mac Cinderella Collection | Mystery Princess Beauty Powder Review

First and foremost, please do not put this stuff all over your face as I think you're going to regret it.

Its shimmery!!

Yes, that's right. It has downright shimmer in it and boy will you look like a disco ball if you were to apply this all over. And due to its shimmer, it makes a very good highlighter, giving you that glowy subtle sparkle like you've never achieved before.

The texture is somewhat gritty but when sheered out on the face, it becomes smooth, leaving a veil of tiny flecks on your cheeks. You might catch some whitish residue (its not translucent by the way) when applied but doesn't all highlighters do?

All in over, I would say if this product used sparingly, it makes a great highlighter. Oh, and the packaging is just gorgeous too with its baby blue exterior and gold rim, absolutely in love <3

Rating: B+

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