Thursday, 23 July 2015

Benefit Puff Off Instant Eye Gel Review

I have been battling with dark eye circles and puffy under eye area for as long as I can remember (to be precise, its since I start working). Its just a nuisance that these buggers make me look haggard and depressed. 

And since then, I have been on the constant search for the best eye cream ever. Until I found this product...

Benefit Puff Off Instant Eye Gel

I got attracted to the many reviews on Instagram and Blogs that this innovative product helps with reducing puffiness and lighten dark eye rings. Instantly, I knew I have to get it.

This eye gel comes in a sleek tube but with an unexpected small volume of 10ml (standard eye creams comes in 15ml quantity). I was quite bummed that I paying much more for something that's not considered high end but when I open the cap, all depressing feeling just went away...

The applicator is just too cute. Shaped like an iron, it is marketed to smooth out puffiness and fine lines. I have still yet to attest to it being able to reduce fine lines, but I was quite happy on how it lessen the puffiness of my under eye area.

What I even love more about this applicator is that it has this cooling surface that makes application very shiok (meaning, relaxing and euphoric). Using this after a long day of staring at computer screens at work is such a revelation (maybe I am exaggerating a bit but you get the point). Instant de-stress tool I'd call it.

Now, onto the gel itself. Its really light weight (although I do prefer my eye products to be creamier and thicker) and easily absorbed into the skin. Of course, the cons of it being light weight and easily absorbed is that I have the tendency of using up more product than I should. 

I do feel that it helps brighten up my eyes and with the frequent use of this product, my dark eye circles seemed to lighten a tad bit. I am definitely approving this eye gel for its effectiveness in which many others couldn't do the job. 

Overall, I enjoyed this product thoroughly. However, I would repurchase only if I run out of options to buy as its not on the cheaper end of the price spectrum. But don't get me wrong, this product is indeed one-of-a-kind and Benefit definitely up its game in terms of skincare. 

Sold at S$45 at all Sephora outlet. 

Rating: B+

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