Thursday, 9 July 2015

Update of What's Going On in My Life - One Word!!


1. Wedding preparation is no easy feat. There are literally tons and millions of things to take care of and I've already tried to scale down the size of my wedding. Music, photographer, dress, gold, invitation cards.... (the list just goes on)...... Always wonder how does other couples do it!? o_O

2. New work place. I've been trying my very best to pick up and learn as much as I could at my new work place, its just crazy with the amount of work needed to be done. KPI starts kicking in and I'm starting to feel the stress. Speaking about hectic huh..

3. Am in the process of getting a new home/house (yay!! ^_^) and there are like bazillion of documents and process that we need to prepare. Seriously, why does adulthood have to be so tough?

**Sigh... I'm like complaining all the way when these are suppose to be happy occasions...


4. Too Faced is going to release their new autumn collection on 6th Aug at all Sephora Singapore stores and I am excited. Click here and here to find out why!!

5. Another exciting beauty news is, remember the post where I raved about a magical product that lifts face and defines jawlines in seconds? Plosion from MTG is available on their website now!!! Woohoo ^_^.... Click HERE to check it out if you want a more sculpted model-like face.

6. I still haven't got a clue where should I go for my honeymoon. My plan initially was Greece (specifically, Santorini) but man, it seems to be unsafe now with its economic crisis and demonstration and all. Next on my list is Korea or New Zealand or Bora Bora Island!? Any suggestions?

7. I have made good friends over the past year on my beauty quests (blogging, attending events, Instagramming etc) and I sincerely felt thankful to get to meet all these wonderful ladies who taught me so much. I love you guys!!! Muuuaaaahhhh <3 <3

8. Finally, I'm in the midst of saving money (you can guess how much torment I have to go thru when I walk pass Sephora) and reducing weight. Its a toughie I can tell you that and it really takes life challenges to a whole new level. Kudos to those who succeed in these.

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