Sunday, 21 June 2015

MTG Refa S Carat Review | Secret to Define Jawline | ad

I was extremely lucky to be invited by MTG and Touch PR & Events for the launch of Plosion, which is carbonic acid beauty treatment which comes in the form of spray mist.

"Designed for convenience and functionality, the PLOSION diffuser has a portable compact body capable of emitting a small but powerful jet of carbonated mist containing three times the average concentration of carbonic acid. Carbonic acid has emerged as a new beauty trend in Japan and the treatment aims to give your skin a healthy dose of hydration, anytime anywhere." ~ MTG

Yes indeed. This is such a revolutionary product that left me in awe when I got the chance to try it. Comes in a sleek and refine packaging, a couple of spritzing motion on the neck & jawline area and I could instantly see a difference in how my cheek and jawline has lifted up. Totally insane. o_O

Achieve defined sculpted face within seconds, this product definitely live up its name.

Another product that helps define the jawline is ReFa S carat, a roller ball massager inspired by kneading techniques of professional professionals. It comes in a beautiful white textured box and the prettiness doesn't stop there, its roller balls are coated with platinum which makes it oh-so-shiny.

I use this every night (with or without face cream depends on my mood) along my jawline (rolling upwards) for almost a month now and am happy to report that there is a slight change in the definition of my jawline area. Its sharper and more lifted.

I am impressed!!!

I also love how this roller "squeezes" my cheek, its the sort of therapeutic massaging motion that you get when you visit a beauty salon, absolutely relaxing. Of course, I couldn't doze off to sleep as my hand is gonna stop working. Maybe I'll get my boyfriend to do it for me **evil grin**.

And by the way, you can also use this around your eyes area, laugh lines and forehead. Why stop there when you can also use this at your tummy area to reduce water retention!? A total all-in-one product, bargain.

Hand to the heart, I hereby solemnly declare that this will be permanently an important step for my skincare routine. Couldn't live without it!!

Priced at $220, do check out their website for more information on how this amaze-ball product work => CLICK HERE

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