Sunday, 22 March 2015

17 Concealer | 18 Hour Stay Time Full Coverage Review

I genuinely love this product a lot, like A LOT!! Even better than the Collection Concealer that everyone seemed to loved. But I had a huge problem with that concealer, it creases like crazy on me and also sinks into my fine lines. I guess its the thick formulation and fuller coverage that promotes creasing.

So, back to this concealer, its freaking amazing. There are many concealers that tugs my heart, such as the ELF Concealer Highlighter Duo, Clinique Concealer Pen, Dior Star Concealer and this is just one of them that makes me look flawless.

I love the medium coverage, the longevity (lasts a whole day under my eyes without creasing as much and emphasising my fine lines), how it didn't oxidises after 8 hours, being non-cakey with least creasing, and most important of all, how easy it is to blend out the product. 

This product receive a huge thumbs up from me with its cheap price. The only thing is that.... I only could get it in the nearest neighbouring country which is Thailand :(

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