Thursday, 11 September 2014

Beauty: Typical Products in My Makeup Routine

Hey guys, so I've been much bumped up with work and staying occupied with health issues.. So, I've decided to do a post that keeps me happy, which is products that I love which I'll use everyday when I'm getting ready for work. 

Sleek Eyeshadow Palette, Chanel Foundation, YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick, Dior Lip Balm, Biore Sunblock, Benefit Eyebrow Gel and DKNY perfume (this is not makeup I know, but still, its my absolutely favourite scent). 

As you can see, I don't do eyeliner and mascara everyday as they are time consuming (I'm not a pro in this field thanks to my hooded eyelids) and tend to smudge (no matter how waterproof they are) by the end of the day. I'll do concealer too if my dark eye circles decided to pop out and say hi.

So, what's your routine? What's your everyday must "do" in the morning before you leave the house?