Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Updates in My Life

Wow!!! Life has been so hectic that I can barely breathe...

Travelling and work consumes most of my time that I didn't have time to s**t (no seriously, I couldn't even stay in the toilet for 5 min to get s**t done).

Anyhow, so here are some events on what I've been up to or how I have been...

Yeah, totally unrelated picture to jazz things up 

1. I dislike going to the airport. It either reminds me of work or insufficient sleep (that's what happen when you are working outstation) or leaving loved ones. Give'me a break, well ya!? Until I have the opportunity to travel for leisure, I'm going to just hate the airport, period.

2. I kinda lay off hauling makeup and skincare for a while. Not too sure what's gotten into me, but I just.. stop.. buying. I dunno why the change of heart (or impulse or mindset) but I found that buying multiple of the same stuffs but different brands is really a waste of money. Perhaps I'm growing into a more sensible adult wtf (Ha, in my dreams) Until I find something that makes my heart flutter, my bank account is going to be one happy kid. 

3. I've decided to close my other beauty blog because just maintaining this blog takes up most of my time, let alone another blog. So, maybe I'll transfer all my posts here or I'll just leave it as it is... So this blog, once again, is going to be a mixture of my personal life, beauty and everything about myself ^_^

4. I'm so looking forward to a long holiday in Europe. So I went ahead and bought 17 days of tour visit across 7 countries with the boy. Really happy with the purchase and so anticipating this holiday break. Now the problem is, where can I buy cheap winter wear (as I'm going during late autumn). 

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