Monday, 19 May 2014

Eats: The Penny Black, Victorian London Pub

Situated at the corner of the row of shops in Boat Quay, this little outlet showcases great ambience and good food. Aching for some English food, into the shop I stepped in. 

Yup, you seen it right. Chicken Tikka Masala is the national food of the Britains as its not originated from India or wherever Middle East place you can think of. But I didn't order it as I wasn't in the mood for curry. So, ordered something off the menu (will show you in later pics) and my eyes starts to wander...

Very old school and Victorian-like with flowered wallpaper and grim-ish atmosphere. It's so dimly litted that you thought they light the place with candles. Pictures of stamps and memos littered the wall bringing back the nostalgic grandpa grandma days. ..

Service wise is quite prompt but as we were sitted in a corner, its quite difficult to catch their attention when we wanted a refill of our water...

Now onto the food...

Your eyes are not definitely not deceiving you as I did ordered a Big Breakfast Platter for dinner. That's me alright, breaking all the rules!! Ingredients were fresh and the fries weren't soggy (which I hate, one of my pet peeves). Although I do wish the mushrooms could a bit more generous with the helpings, but all in all, a hearty meal that satisfies the tummy.

Rate: 4.2/5

Baked Fish (Seafood) Pie with Cheesy Crust. Not too sure of the exact name of this dish but boy oh boy this pie packs a wallop of tasty ingredients. Creamy and smooth, salty and savoury, this hearty cosy dish definitely is the winner for me. Every mouthful of the creamy seafood is complimented with the crispy crust just spells "match-made in heaven". Its seriously that good. **Now I am salivating just looking at this picture**. A huge thumbs up from me.

Rate: 4.5/5

Will be back for more of their food although I dislike going to the place as I feel its quite crowded and cramp. That's all. OKAYTHXBYE!!!

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