Sunday, 29 December 2013

Little Black Beauty Box by StyleXStyle: December Edition

I absolutely love the Little Black Box by SytleXStyle as they offer exclusive branded skincare/makeup from Robinson Departmental Store thus you know the quality is there. This month's version is no exception as the brands got bigger and better.

One thing that I want to mention, it is very sweet of them, especially the owner (or is it!?) Sharon Au (a Mediacorp artist but seldom see her on TV nowadays though) emailed me about being unable to reach me through my phone when they wanted to deliver the box. This is such a nice gesture and I just felt really appreciated as a customer. So, all cozy things aside, let's get on to the product.

This box costs $21.99, a little pricier than other month's boxes but I'm not complaining one bit as look at all the products contained within the box below o_O
And the delivery came within the 2nd week which I think is decent for a beauty box.

Holy moly!!! I was surprised till the brim!!!
Clinique, Lab Series, Origins, MAC, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, DKNY and La Mer!!!!
Speaking about exclusivity... This totally rocks!!!

Lab Series for Men Age Rescue Face Lotion and Multi Action Face Wash
Clinique DDMG (a holy grail when I was in my early twenties)
Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Serum and Plantsciption Anti-aging Serum (love both as they having this soothing emollient texture and smells like herb too)

DKNY Delicious Skin Perfume (as its name suggested, it really smells delicious and sweet)
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum
Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss
La Mer Moisturising Gel (I think its alright but I couldn't justify the price that comes with it)
MAC Eye Makeup Remover (this product sucks as it doesn't do anything to my waterproof mascara) and Zoom Lash Mascara

I'm just so excited to try them all out. Thumbs up for this month's box. Hopefully next month would be equally as good.

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