Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide (For Him)

Shopping for men is always a hard chore for me. I totally do not have any inkling whatsoever to buy for guys and it always ended up with Men's Shirt or Skincare product (and Fact-of-the-Day, men really doesn't like receiving these as gifts). 

Thus, after years of experimenting and constant questioning, I have come up with this list that hopefully might make your guy happy or to assist those poor desperate people (mainly ladies) out there who haven't got a clue what to buy for the beaus... 

Those items listed are those that are available worldwide. I'll try to link them to websites that offers international shipping or else, you can find them at your local store.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Perfume
Who: Grown up Men (this smells so sexay!!!)
Where: Feel Unique, International

Creative Woofer & Sub Woofer
Who: The Tech Addict (well, that makes it all men range 15-100 years old :P)
Where: Amazon or your electronic local store

Apple Ear Piece
Who: Generally, all men with MP3s (who use these now anyways?) and phones
Where: Nubox, Singapore or Amazon or your local Apple store

Junk Food (preferably healthier ones - just put them in a pretty packaging and wahlah)
Who: Every single human guys that consumes food
Where: Local Organic Food Store

Loccitane Men's collection 
Who: Men who takes care of their looks
Where: Feel Unique, International

Adidas Performance Essential Team Bag
Who: Sporty Morties 
Where: Online, Singapore or Your Adidas Local Store 

Ted Baker 3 Pack Logo Socks Giftset
Who: All Men who are into fashion, or maybe not
Where: Asos, International

Hugo Boss Watch and Cufflink Gift Set
Who: Dad, brothers and boyfriends (special ones as they are not cheap)
Where: Asos, International

Adidas Pro Grip Trainer
Who: Health Conscious Men or Body Builder
Where: Online, Singapore or you local Adidas Store

Remote Control Monster Toy Truck
Who: Boys and Men (its true, I had asked all YY chromosome homo-sapiens and all of them admit that they will still gladly receive this as a gift)
Where: Online, International

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