Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Beauty Box Comparison: Bellabox Vs The Little Black Beauty Box

And let the games begin:

Price: $21.99
Delivery: First 2 weeks of the month
Products: 9 products. 
1. Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid (15ml)
2. 24Hr Soothing and Rehydrating Fresh Mask (15ml)
3. Comforting Cleansing Milk (35ml)
4. Brightening BB Cream SPF30 PA+++ (15ml)
5. Fondant Cleansing Gel (15ml)
6. Multi-Purpose Dry Oil (10ml)
7. Micellar Cleansing Water (35ml)
8. 24Hr Soothing and Moisturising Emulsion (15ml)
9. Clarifying Cream-Mask (15ml)
Products Quality: 4/5 (As with all Nuxe products. Love love love the Fluid)
Presentation: 5/5 (The shiny black box is gorgeous, sleek and chic with a ribbon on top. Something that I will not hesitate to re-use and put on my table to store my stuff. Items are carefully placed and packaged with lining)
Subscription Process: 3/5 (There are no 3, 6, 12 months subscription available. Thus, you need to place order every month when they are out, meaning inconvenient)
1. Quantity and quality of the products are just great and worth-while. 
2. The choice of products to be in the box is satisfying too with brands that are well recognized in the beauty arena. 
3. The themes/brands for each box are being told upfront so that consumers can select whether they would like to purchase or not.
4. The price is definitely worth the products that you will be getting. 
1. Subscription process is not even a subscription kind of service as it is more like online shopping buy one things at a time. 
2. Their customer service is a bit slow, whereby they took around 3 weeks to reply my enquiries. 
3. Boxes sold out really fast if it were a special edition.
4. No pamphlet or indicators to show all the products and their direction-of-using and the ingredients

Price: $19.95
Delivery: First 2 weeks of the month (however, for the November edition, I only got it at the end of the month -_-)
Products: 10 products. 
1. Tote bag
2. Cosmopolitan Magazine
3. Collection Colour Pout Pucker
4. Collection Colour Pout Flirt
5. Makeup Pouch
6. Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau De Parfum
7. Jacqueline Burchell Nail Polish
8. Goodskin Labs Exten-10 Sample
9. Goodskin Labs Circleplex-2 Sample
10. Whisper Cosmo Heavy Day
Products Quality: 3/5 (Few favourites are the Collection Lip Stains and the magazine)
Presentation: 3/5 (Mediocre packaging and it doesn't even come in a box)
Subscription Process: 5/5 (A good few subscription choices for those that does not want to subscribe for a year) 
1. Pamphlet or indicators are available to show all the products and their description.
2. Good customer service as they inform customers when a delivery was delayed.
3. A good mixture of skincare and makeup in the box, thus, pleasing both side of the beauty globe.
4. Customers will get surprises without knowing what is coming (although they do give hints on their website of what is to be expected).
5. Subscription choices are great. 
6. The website has an e-shop for customers to purchase individual products that they get in their boxes. Boxes are also available for purchase, sometimes even with discounts. 
1. With almost the same amount of money, The Little Black Beauty Box fare much better in terms of product choices and qualities
2. The packaging just doesn't cut it for me (even for the November edition)
3. Sidetrack a bit, the November edition came in really really extremely late, at around the last week of November. Although they did apologize for the delay, but I think its still unacceptable for a box to come in at the end of the month.

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