Saturday, 28 January 2012

My Beauty Diary, Sake Yeast Mask

Before I start reviewing this mask, I'm going to apologize for the crappy photography that comes with this post. Blame the camera I would.

So, I'd bought a box with a variety the mask of My Beauty Diary in Taiwan (uber cheap there, approximately S$12, but you can still get them here in Malaysia and Singapore) and am enthusiastic in trying all of them out (except for the snail mask... eeewwww... even the name sound gross). The 1st one to try is this sake yeast mask.

When it comes to My Beauty Diary masks, the 1st thing that comes to my mind is that they are super wet. I don't mean that they leave your skin all moist and so, but its just that when you slap it on your face, you can feel that tons of product had been injected into the mask.

The description stated that this mask is great for exfoliating and at the same time has some sort of brightening effect as well as moisturises your skin (alright, my shitty Chinese translation needs more practice). The smell of the mask ain't that bad, really. I kinda forgot how it smells like but I know I didn't felt repulsive towards it.

Actually, I didn't feel much difference after applying the mask. I mean, my face felt quite sticky after the application (well, it happens with every My Beauty Diary masks) but to mention if there is any significant changes to the skin, the answer is no. Brightnening effect? No, not really. But I definitely do enjoy the leftover products on my mask and on the sheet of paper that comes with it. Excellent for applying it all over my body. And the mask is kind of on the larger side, and I'm saying this on the perspective of having a large face.

On a good note, this mask does feel cooling on the skin, thus maybe one with sun burn or similar may try this (well, make sure you test it out on the hand and check whether you have any allergic reaction to this mask 1st before you wanna ruin your whole face)

Rating: 6/10
Effectiveness: 4/10
Application: 6/10

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