Monday, 16 January 2012

10 Ways to Shop Efficiently for Wardrobe

Now, every gal tends to have once or twice of impulse shopping experience which involves massive sales or discounts that pulls us like a magnet to buy clothes that we do not really need. So in order to avoid this, here are some pointers, from Always in Style to shop efficiently for the right clothes.

10 Ways to Shop Efficiently

1. Clean out and sort your current clothes/wardrobe, you should be able to jot down what you already have for this season's basic wardrobe. The gaps on your charts form the basis of your shopping list. Once the main requirements are purchased, any money left over can be used for fun buys or accessories.

2. Shop at the start of each fashion season where there is the widest selection of clothing to choose from.

3. Best times to shop are mornings and early in the week when you and the stores are not rushed.

4. Dress well and wear makeup and hosiery when shopping for clothes, as you will get more respect from sales staff and look much better in the changing room. Take appropriate shoes with you.

5. Save time by finding a few shops that sell the type of clothing you like at prices you can afford. Pop into the stores often until the manager and leading sales person know you well and can point you toward good buys.

6. Invest in natural fibers or good quality blends that wear longer and look better

7. Avoild impulse buying and don't go to sales unless there is something specific that you are looking for. Good buys at sales are shoes and bags.

8. Take note of the labels of designers and manufacturers that give you a good fit, suit your life style and complement your body line.

9. Be selective. Buy a few good-quality items than a wide range of mediocre pieces. The golden rule: "Love it madly, need it badly or don't buy it."

10. Buy, wear and live for today - not for when you may need it, because too often that day never comes.

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