Wednesday, 11 January 2012

How to Organize Your Wardrobe

Continuation of Always In Style from previous post

7 ways to organize your wardrobe

1. Divide your wardrobe into 3 sections - Definitely In, Definitely Out and I-Don't-Know

2. Store the I-Don't-Know in a case or a box and see how often you go back to them. Chances are you never will, so after a few months, give them away or throw them out.

3. Remove clothes that are :
- "Fat" or "Thin" clothes if you fluctuate in weight
- Anything not worn over the pass year
- Clothing that needs repair or in unwearable for any reason
- Out-of-season clothes
- Outdated clothes

4. Never hang one garment over the top of another as it causes creasing and makes clothes hard to find.

5. Hang similar items together in a long and short format: coats (long), dresses (long), pants (long), blouses (short), jackets (short) etc.

6. Seperate suits. Put the jacket with your other jacket and the skirts with your other skirts.

7. Tips to maintain your shoes:
- Store on a shoe rack, in labeled boxes, or in hanging pockets
- When buying shoes, buy the correct cleaning agent at the same time
- Always clean new shoews and bags with neutral polish before wearing or using them, as they are not often properly waterproofed.
- Repair nicks and grazes in shoes with nail glue, then color over with a felt pen and seal with neutral shoe polish

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