Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How To Plan Your Wardrobe

I always have a prob with my wardrobe. Everytime I open the cupboard, I found myself pondering for more than 5 minutes, imagining what I should wear for what occasion and came to the conclusion that I have nothing to wear. Throwing myself constantly into such a pathetic situation that I decided to get help from Library.

And I found the ultimate book => Always In Style 2nd Edition by Doris Pooser, Amina Altai & Melissa Skoog

Here are 6 of their ideas to wardrobe planning:

1. List the activities over the space of a month or two and work out a rough % of time per activity: using the cost-per-wear formula.

2. Visualize the image that you wish to convey to the world - one that is in keeping with your personality and lifestyle

3. Access how much time you have to shop, dress and care for your clothes.

Image Source: WeHeartIt.com

4. How much money do you have for your wardrobe? Stick to a realistic budget for each fashion season.

5. Consider the climate of the country that you are living in and think about the weights of fabric appropriate for this climate.

6. Set positive goals for your appearance and wardrobe (Eg: Regular compliments on your look? Buying the best clothes you can afford? Look and feel feminine in your clothes?)

So there will be a series of up-coming posts taken from this book for styling tips. Stay tune...

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LauraSummer said...

I really liked this post! I am so bad at organising my clothes so looking forward to seeing more of these x