Thursday, 23 February 2012

How to Prevent Pre-mature Aging

Ladies ladies, I can totally hear you clear and loud, most of us are afraid of aging in any form. Wrinkles, dementia, hyperpigmentations, hormonal imbalance, increased risks of diabetes, cancer, heart diseases... Well, you name it, humans got it.

But the most concern of all, would be the sagging of skin and the fine lines that tarnishes our beauty (some may regard them as beautiful wisdom lines). So, here are some advice on how I deal with the ordeal of pre-mature aging (of course, with some help from the internet and books)

How to Prevent Pre-mature Aging

- Sugar
- Caffeine
- Processed food
- Side Sleeping
- Stress
- Lack of Sleep
- Dry Skin
- Smokers/Smoking
- Sun

2. Try your best to avoid as much items in Number 1. as you can.

3. Take age-friendly food:
- Fresh foods & veg
- Organic food
- Good quality protein: chicken, fish, soy, eggs, nuts
- Raw food
- Water

4. Wear sunscreen at all times except sleeping time

5. Take supplements (antioxidant preferred): Vitamin A, C, E

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