Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Solution to Dry Itchy Skin ~ Bottega Verde Olive Range | ad

When I first heard that Bottega Verde is introducing their latest Olive Range, I was absolutely ecstatic. "Finally, maybe a solution to my hubz dry itchy skin!!" I thought.

Bottega Verde's Olive products are made with people suffering from dry demanding skin that requires intense moisturising and nourishing. Produced from BV's very own Olive farm, the olives are harvested mid-October and are ensured that these fruits (yes, they are fruits) are kept in their finest condition throughout the process. 

Introducing some of the products from this range: 

1. Bath and Shower Gel ($12.90)
2. Body Butter ($19.90)
3. Body Oil ($39.90)
4. Hand Cream ($9.90)

I have to say, all the products smelt AMAZING!! Its this nice relaxing floral scent that soothes and calms and senses. Perfect for a pampering session or when you just want to have nice moisturised skin at the same time smelling good. 

The product that received my highest recommendation is this Body Oil. Let me tell you this dolls, this stuff WORKS LIKE MAGIC.

On the first day I received it, immediately I pass this to my hubz and told him to slather liberally on the problematic area. And on the second day, his itch seems to have GONE!! Like byebye-itchy-skin, let's-not-see-each-other-ever-again GONE. 

I was absolutely impressed. I mean, he has been battling with this issue for several months, even doctor's medicine couldn't cure him and then this product just made the itch disappear, like that. I swear, this is just freakin' mind-blowing. 

Alright, I need to stop here. You guys seriously have to go check the product out yourself to test it. I can totally see myself repurchasing for my man. Plus, the whole range is extremely affordable thus purchasing them repeatedly will definitely not break the bank. 

Do head over to Suntec City L2-454 (North Wing) and Punggol Waterway Point L1-56 to give the products a go.

Huge thanks to Adjectif Co and Bottega Verde for your generosity. ^_^

Disclaimer: The products are door gifts for attending the event and for review purposes. I was not sponsored in any monetary way nor instigated to used "preferred" words for this post. All opinions provided are honest and of utmost truest feelings of mine after testing the products. Different people might react differently to the product thus results may vary. 

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