Monday, 15 December 2014

3 Reasons Why I Love Beautiful Forest Pictures

I stumbled across Lifebuzz's article on 12 enchanting forest and just fell instantly in love with every images I see. Here's 3 reasons why just love these pictures:

1. They are DREAMY

I mean, just look at them, isn't it like something from a movie. So magical like. So beautiful. So mesmerizing. Like some magnet pulling you in. Awesome!!! <3


Black Forest, Germany

2. They look SERENE!!!

Tranquil pictures like these calms me down. A lot. I mean, its like being in another world with nobody around. Just you and yourself and mother nature. No signs of human life forms or civilizations. Just pure nature, no added man-made stuff. Peace...

Halle's Forest, Belgium

Quebac Forest, Canada

Halnaker England

3. Trees and Pathways

There's something about a pathway lined with trees being all so alluring. They make me want to climb into my laptop screen and just keep on walking down the lane. Hopefully I can find something at the end of the tunnel or if the path just goes on forever, I wouldn't mind walking eternity. Being one with nature seems so important now. Bah, I must have been too stress from work.

So, do you love these images? Do they make you happy? What sort of nature pictures you prefer?


Amanda chic said...

just amazing

Sabrina Sannelli said...

nice post

Arden Rubens (TOPCOAT) said...

Love this... Really, all locations are just so gorgeous. xx


Anna Sancewicz said...

These photos look like they come from a fairy tale... ♥


Vanessa Ciliberto said...

so so beautiful photos!


sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

Such a beautiful place!!!! Great post!

Britt Whit said...

wow these are beautiful! the last one is tripy, but looks amazing, I want to be there so bad!

love from San Francisco,

Adria said...

Amazing pictures!

Floortje van Cooten said...

Wow these places are absolutely amazing! Beautiful!!!


Mirabili Vestium said...

Magical! Especially the blue photo.