Thursday, 11 June 2015

Favourite Room Fragrance | Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia

If your are an avid reader of HOP, you might know that I'm obsessed with English Pear & Freesia from Jo Malone. Thus, you can totally imagine my excitement when I got to know that they made a room spray out of it o_O

"The essence of autumn. The sensuous freshness of just-ripe pears is wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias, and mellowed by amber, patchouli and woods. Luscious and golden." ~ Jo Malone

My take is that this scent reminds me a lot of white flowers but in a sweet non-sickly fresh way. Its like the perfect blend of sophistication but yet girly all embodied in one. For those that hated sweet sugary scent, this is the one for you to get started on the fruity floral bandwagon.

The powdery note of freesia has been toned down by a woody base thus making it wearable during the day or for everyday work/school.

As for it being a room spray, of course JM diluted the concentration and making it perfect for you to squirt a few spritz around your room without choking you in it.

All in all, my favourite (but not the cheapest thus I recommend that you get them at Bangkok airport if you have a chance for huge savings) room spray fragrance of all time and would definitely repurchase if this runs out (fingers crossed that its not too soon with the rate I'm using it).

Rating: A+

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Jo Malone always have lovely fragrances, I love the brand!

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