Monday, 2 February 2015

New Computer

I really need to apologise for being MIA again as there is a transition going on with my work space, which is, I GOT A NEW FREAKIN' COMPUTER!!! 

Computer = iMac

iMac = Clueless / Noob

After using Windows for almost 15 years, I must say, changing to an Apple interface isn't the easiest. They are totally different. Like really different. The keyboard command keys are different. There's no C or D drive whatsoever. Even the most basic Open/Close window buttons are the total opposite.

Don't even mention about transferring photos from my Samsung mobile to this iMac, total pain in the arse!!! Heck, even Microsoft Office is still not installed on this bad boy...

With that being said, I still love my new computer. Its bigger, faster, clearer and most important of all, its more beautiful than its counterparts :)

So please bear with me while I sort out my new gadget. I'm sure I'll be back to posting regularly in no time ^_^

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