Tuesday, 17 February 2015

MAC Keepsakes/Beige Eyes Palette

First thing first, I would like to wish you all a belated Happy Valentines day and advanced Happy Chinese New Year. Its been such a long time since I last posted. I was down with a massive flu cum asthma attack and was hacking my throat away for the last 2 weeks. Didn't know I was that weak. 

After tons of medication, finally, just today, I felt much better thus am back to posting.

So, this post is way delayed as this collection came out last year around October time (I think). And trust me, its beautiful. 

Just look at how pretty it is. With a Victorian lady 3D figure sitted in the middle, this pretty gem has sparkles all over it. Very very nicely detailed. I must admit, MAC does the best Limited Edition packaging. Not many brands are creative to create this packaging, really...

So the colours are namely Her Mistress, Sweet Sovereign, Faire Maiden, Tempting, Omega, Quintessential, Mystery and Night Whisper. I'm not too sure which shadow is permanent or LE. Apologies as my camera sucks and the brown gold tones in the palette is not showing up clearly here.

Altogether there's a nice mixture between shimmer and matte shadows. Its a pity that the shimmery ones are not pigmented. They came out rather patchy and I need to really swipe them a few times to get a full on colour. The mattes did much better with better pigmentation and less fallout (adhered nicely to my lids). 

Overall, I give it a B+. The + is for its pretty packaging. Mac always have consistency issues with their palettes. If only they look into this issue, I would have been a happy girl. 

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