Monday, 1 December 2014

Little Black Beauty Box December Edition | StylexStyle

I just want to tell you how excited I was when I received the box. I know it's gonna be good because its nearing Christmas right? And Christmas means presents, those huge big ones.... 

And guess what? I wasn't disappointed at all. Take a look below and the huge, and I do mean HUGE amount of products inside this edition.

Holy Guacamole!!! **Breathe Cindy Breathe!!**

I mean, seriously... Cle de Peau (although I do know this brand is gonna be in this box but I wasn't expecting its gonna occupy half of the box O_O).

Just look at the loot!!! O.M.G!!! This is really Christmas coming.... How did a full size NARS nail polish get into here? Are you kidding me? Hallelujah, I guess somehow God heard my prayers (alright, I'm getting way overexcited and exaggerating just a little but you get the drift of how happy I was)

So we'll got the Cle de Peau skincare lined up. From the right,
1) Gentle Cleansing Foam, 
2) Gentle Balancing Lotion, 
3) Gentle Protective Emulsion, 
4) Gently Nourishing Emulsion and 
5) Wrinkle Correcting Concentrate 

Next up is Shiseido skincare. From the top left, we have:
1) White Lucent Brightening Spot Control Base UV
2) White Lucent Total Brightening Serum
3) Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

Last but not least are the variety of colours and makeups. From the left:
1) Cle de Peau Radiant Fluid Foundation and Sheer Fluid Veil
2) Shiseido Perfect Rouge RD750
3) NARS Nail Polish Schiap (Full size O_O can StylexStyle be anymore generous?)
4) Shiseido Eyeshadow Trio Palette

So, did I manage to entice you to buy? I mean, cummon, its so worth the SGD$22.90 that I paid for all of these babies... If you are interested, then head over to their website and get yourself a Christmas gift now. You won't regret it I promise. 

P/s: I'll be away for the whole week (work wise if you are wondering) thus there won't be any post on Thursday. Stay tune till next week lovelies ^_^

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