Monday, 8 December 2014

12 Christmas Gifts for Her

OMG, Christmas is impending and I'm extremely excited. Possibly due to the amount of gifts I'm giving myself (pathetic I know...) and also the festive cheer that seems to surround Singapore city. I just walking along Orchard Road or any shopping mall admiring the wonderful lightings and basking in the tall Christmas Trees. Its just an overwhelming feeling that makes me feel bliss.

So, I know some of you out there need some help in the present department, stuck on what to buy for your mum, girlfriend, sister, friends etc (any female homosapiens) which could be a pain in the a** sometimes. 

So here are my picks for what I'll buy for those beloved ones (don't worry, all of the gifts recommended below offers international shipping)... Hope this guide helps ^_^

P/s: If you are wondering the odd price tags numbers, this is due to exchange rate conversion from either US dollars or Pounds to Singapore Dollars.

So, what's your wishlist for Christmas? What present would you psycho your partner or family to buy for you? Let me know as I'm quite nosy >.<

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