Thursday, 27 November 2014

4 Fingers Fried Chicken Review

Now, I've always liked Fried Chicken. Especially the Korean kind. You know, the ones with the crispy outer layer drenched in its hot or sweet and salty sauce while its inside is moist and juicy. Those always get me every single d*** time. 

And my favourite of all time is the Bonchon Chicken situated in Bugis+ ground floor. 

So, when 4 fingers pops up in Westgate 2nd floor, I have wanted to give it a go but always reluctantly walk away as they queue is like massive. Imagine 10-15 people queuing in front of you with each person taking 5 minutes. Like heck I will queue for an hour just for some fried chicken. I go eat my Bonchon chicken better, no need to queue summore.

So, it is this one fine day that our fate linked and there are only 5 person was in the queue (ok, maybe its because its near 10pm and nobody should eat fried chicken for supper, right? right?). So I went ahead and queue and waited for our food to be prepared which still took us 30 min for the whole process. 

Tadaa!!! The one that I've been dying to try. On first look, it looks tantalising and yummy. Glistened in its sauce, its just calling out to me.

**Sorry for the blurry picture, I'm trying my best not to shake with excitement/disappointment afterwards** 

Took a bite, lo and behold, I was disappointed. The chicken tasted over-fried as the skin was so dry and hard. The sauce didn't provide that kick that we were expecting like from Bonchon. It just tasted bland. I was like "Meh" the whole time eating the remaining pieces. How dare they made me queue for a whole 30 min and it wasn't even as good as the Bonchon ones. Sigh....

Price wise was at $8++ if I'm not mistaken and given the subpar taste, I'd rather eat my KFC chicken then this one...


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