Thursday, 28 August 2014

All About Teas: Tea Voyage

 I started dabbling into Teas during my 1st job (admin work, pretty damn boring) and never turn back. There are literally thousand different kinds of teas (I'm not talking about brands by the way) and flavours of teas that I get overwhelmed sometimes.

My favourite has always been Earl Grey. The tart citrusy flavour (from Bergamot orange) leaves such a refreshing taste in my mouth that I couldn't get enough of it.

But the teas that I'm going to show you below is kind of life-changing (jk, not I'm not) as I didn't know teas can expand to this extend. I know about the Mango, Peach, Oolong etc kind of tea but these below are kind of mind-boggling.

Seriously... Tea that can cure gastric!? Er, yes please!!! Tea Voyage offers such diversified teas (those that are herb or just plain floral) that I couldn't decide which to try. So I went for those sounds good (and smells good of course). 

So far I have tried the Rose White Tea and its so far so good. The tea bags are packed full with dried roses and some bits and bobs that strangely look like shrivelled plants. The aroma is not too pungent and it tastes subtly of roses. I like that I don't get those strong artificial flavours that some supermarket offers... 

The downside of these teas are that they are freaking expensive. Like seriously, expensive. The little package that you see above consists only of 3 bags and it costs S$4.95. Yeah, that's S$1.60 per tea bag. Thus, I wouldn't recommend them for daily drinks but more of like a luxury high-tea kind of drink. And another thing is that they do not have a permanent shop (they sell in mobile stalls -__-''') thus, its only available thru delivery (if you can't find them).

But, its a good experiment with teas anyway. A unique way of tasting teas with character :)

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