Monday, 30 June 2014

Belated Beauty Haul

Oh my gosh!!! These pictures have been sitting in my laptop for ages and I even used up some of them. Geez....

Was on a shopping spree mode last month and went all cray cray with my shopping (blaming it on hormonal effects and stress), especially in Kiehl's. I remember there's more but I couldn't remember which one they were so these 2 pictures will have to do for now. 

Crabtree & Evelyn. A sniff at the store made me bought the Pomegranate Hand Lotion and I sincerely regretted it as the scent was a bit off when I slap it on my hands. It smells quite funky although moisturising. Have yet to try out the other 2. 

Yeah, was probably out of my mind that time to buy so much stuff. But I was lucky enough to meet the generous lady sales assistant and she just kept throwing in samples.... So I bought the Kiehl's Lip Balm, Deep Micro-Exfoliant Scalp Treatment and Ultra Facial Moisturiser (this is super hydrating, good for dry and cold surroundings). The others were free samples. Swell!!!

OK, I've been really freaked out by roaches now as they seem to like my room a lot and keep invading my personal space. This time round, its a mutated cockroach with stripes on its body and so far I've managed to kill the mother. Yes, THE MOTHER only. There's another teenage one (not baby as its literally 3cm long) lurking around and their shit just make me mad.

Why,why?? Why must these pesky pest have to live through the dinosaur age and come to haunt us!! Why can't they extinct like the T-Rex so I don't have to deal with them!?

Gotta go catch some roaches now!!! Kthxbye!!

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