Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The Answer to Menstrual Cramps | ad

Hello peeps. Before I proceed to talk all about ladies issues, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and may this year be fruitful and prosperous for all.

Okay, with that aside, let's get on with the nitty gritty shall we?

I have been battling PMS for like... ever since I've got my period. The nauseousness, diarrhoea, backache, bad temper always accompanied with excruciating cramps and pain.

And I do mean, EXCRUCIATING with all the exclamation marks!!!

Those who are close to me have seen me crouching on the floor, holding my tummy, moaning, fidgeting and popping pills with shaky hands in hope that the pain would subside. My mum even went as far as to fill a bottle with warm water to place on my tummy as it helps with soothing the pain.

Now, I considered myself extremely lucky that MenstruHeat send these over (as if my prayers has been answered) and I got to try it out.

It claims to:
1. Provide relief
2. Soothes and eases pain
3. No side effects

Application is easy. You just peel off the sticky part and apply onto the affected areas (best on the underside of your clothes as the heating can get quite intense).

I have to say, IT WORKS as it claims!!!

Within a minute, the patch starts heating up and I felt instant relief. I don't mean like it takes all the pain away but the heating sure provides some soothing effect and I don't feel as distressed. Think I'm officially in love with this product now. 

Do head over to their official website for more info (there's also a FREE menstrual tracker on the site) and also their blog with informative articles relating women healthcare (such as food to consume for menstrual cramp relief).

MenstruHeat is now available at all 7-eleven stores and Guardian outlets.

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