Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Best Collagen Drink Ever - Puvay Fruit Puree-based Collagen Drink | ad

When it comes to collagen consumption in general, I used to be very very sceptical. Like microscopic-obsessive-I-don't-believe-in-miracles sceptical.

Then, June from Artemisia Communications reach out to me and invited me to Puvay's launches of 2 new fruit Collagen Drink event kinda change my mind.

If you don't already know, Puvay is the house brand for Pure Rich BioGems which is a Singapore based company that develops and manufactures health foods and beverages, being well known for their bird's nest products and tea beverages.

What the brand claims:

"Formulated to give the body a nutritional boost while replenishing collagen that we lose with age, Puvay's Collagen Drinks is more than just your usual fruit juice or beauty drink - its a beverage for the modern lifestyle, juggling work, fitness and beauty - while maintaining that wholesome taste"

As stated by Puvay, the collagen drink flavour contains 8000mg of Korean Marine Collagen Peptides which has shorter molecules called Collagen Peptides compared to other collagen drinks. This allows human body to absorb them quickly and directly to the skin.

Furthermore, Puvay's Collagen Drink use lesser amount of sugar substitute Stevia to add that nice sweetness to the drink instead of traditional sugar which ages our skin even more.

There are 4 flavours of Collagen altogether:
1. Peach Perfect
2. Passionfruit Spring
3. Mango Sunshine
4. Berry Husky

As aptly named, the taste are just as described. And when I looked at the nutritional info, one bottle only contains 53kcal and 4.4g of carbs which is considered on the lower side in my opinion. Plus, I absolutely think that drink taste delicious. Rest assure you get no fishy aftertaste like most of the other brands out there as they are carefully formulated to rid the drink of the smell.

As far as skin plumping effect goes, I see no difference in the bounciness of my skin just yet as I did not take the product long enough to determine its effectiveness.

All being said, I generally think that Puvay Collagen Drink taste great and one do not need to be too overly concern of its sugar content if one bottle is downed per day.

Retailing at $7 per bottle, head over to Wellness Hut for more info and to purchase.

Huge thanks to Artemisia Communications and Puvay for the invite for your generosity. ^_^

Disclaimer: The products are door gifts for attending the event and for review purposes. I was not sponsored in any monetary way nor instigated to used "preferred" words for this post. All opinions provided are honest and of utmost truest feelings of mine after testing the products. Different people might react differently to the product thus results may vary. 

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