Friday, 22 April 2016

K-Palette Bulgarian Rose Eyeliner Review | ad

Hello my lovely ladies (and gentlemen ^_^)!!! Its been a while since I last blogged as life is getting crazier as my tummy grew bigger and with all the house moving going on. But I'm so happy to be back, FINALLY!!!

Moving on to the product for today...

If you have been a long time reader of mine, you'll know my love for K-Palette eyeliners are undying. So you can totally imagine my happiness and excitement when Beauty Carousel offered to send me the latest K-Palette Bulgarian Rose Eyeliner

First, let's talk about the packaging shall we?

Clad in purple-y pink and adorned with gold foiling roses, my heart totally flutters when I saw the eyeliner. And don't get me start with the gold cap and black rose embossment, this pen is totally girly and feminine. 

What they claim:
Bulgarian Rose Water is often used in hydrating products due to its moisturising properties and its ability to control our skin's sebum production. According to many eyeliner users, oily lids are a common cause of their runny or smudgy eye make-up. To counter that, K-Palette has decided to infuse this premium ingredient into its formula to keep our eyelids well-moisturised and hence reduce the tendency for them to turn oily.

The colour sent to me is in Brown Black and upon swatched, its more of a dark brown on me. Its after several swipes (colour is buildable) that the colour turns deeper into a brown black. I like this colour on my lids as its not too bold and offensive like stark black does nor is it too casual and airy such as brown does to me. 

As with all K-Palette eyeliners, the staying power of this one is tremendously long (hence why I always buy and reach out for my K-Palettes whenever I know I'm going to be out all day). Its extremely water proof, smudge free and lasted from morning to night on me. Although I must mention that my eye lids are not that oily, but I love how the liner stays put on me. And don't worry, there isn't any hint of rose smelling substance on the liner for those who are sensitive to fragrance. 

Per usual, its a huge thumbs up from me and I would recommend 100% to anybody who is looking for a powerful eyeliner that will not budge throughout the day. 

Rate: 5/5*

To purchase, please click the following link => CLICK HERE

Huge thanks to Beauty Carousel & K-Palette for your generosity. ^_^

Disclaimer: The products are sent to me for review purposes. I was not sponsored in any monetary way nor instigated to used "preferred" words for this post. All opinions provided are honest and of utmost truest feelings of mine after testing the products. Different people with different scent preference might react differently to the product thus smell results may vary. 

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