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How to Spice Up Bedroom Activities | ad

Apologies for the long absence as I was extremely busy with stuff happening in life like getting married, going on a honeymoon and getting keys to my new house ^_^. However, if you wish to have a more close up intimate "relationship" with me and have more in depth glimpse of my life, then headover to my Instagram.

Speaking about marriage, this is quite a different kind of post from my usual beauty ones as its more.... "personal" as I would categorise it. 

Here are some of my tips in making sure you have a good time in the bedroom. Hope they help :)

1. Make Time
- When you are in a rush or have tons of stuff circling in your brain, I highly suggest to get out of bed and do the things you are suppose to do. Rushing around in the bedroom is like an instant killer to the mood of getting hot (sometimes, a quickie might be exhilarating though so it depends). Thus, its quite important to make time for the "activities" and go with the flow. I'm sure you'll feel more compelled to have more fun with your partner.

2. Massages, Flirting and Teasing to Start Things Off
- For us women, we don't get into the mood as quickly as men do. We need something call, ahem excuse the language, Foreplay in order to get us excited. Thus, I think its extremely important to engage activities like giving each other massages, talk dirty or even start tickling one another to feel the sensation/emotions of having each other around. This would really help for the "advancement oto the next level".

3. Be Experimental
- As humans, its really normal that we get bored with routines. I mean, even working on a mundane task would get us depressed. The same goes to activities within the bedroom. So, in order to kick boredom in the butt, try to be a bit more adventurous. Example, you ask me? Well, read on below as there are 2 products that can help in this department, Toys and Lubricant.

Well, I was honoured to be invited by Smile Makers to see first hand the new products they are launching which can help spice things up in the bedroom. 

P/s: Excuse the blurry photos as my phone didn't wanna co-operate with me that day. 

As some of you have already know, their range of massagers are already available in pharmacy like Watsons. Their fun and quirky messages conveyed through cute images on the packaging and colourful designs quickly draw my attention. They are just too cute to be passed off as *** toys. 

Now, onto the new releases of the shocking lubricants. Why shocking, you'd say? Because I thought that they were skincare products. Scroll below and you'll understand where I'm coming from.

Generous Gel

Stay Silky Serum

Little Light Liquid.

The bottles are so thoughtfully made that they put some skincare brands to shame. In a sleek, semi-transparent bottle that comes with a pump, I can totally see myself putting this on top of my vanity and nobody would suspect that they are lubs. 

Secondly, I love how they are made into 3 different viscosity (they are all water based): Gel, Serum and Liquid. Each has different emollience-y which was quick surprising as I didn't know that lubs can be light weight as such. The one that I was familiar with (ahem.. Du**x.. ahem) is Serum which has the right amount of smoothness and texture to eliminate dryness. 

The most important thing though is that these lubs are made from only 8 doctor-approved ingredients (speaking of natural). That was like a ground-breaking news to me. Furthermore, they are odor-less and also non-spermicide product which makes them awesome for couples who are trying for babies. Plus, they are affordable too (both the lubs and massagers). 

Ultimately, what I'm trying to say here is adding lubricants to help enhance bedroom activities is definitely a must. They help to put both of you in the mood and also assist with more intimate activities without dampening the mood. Ladies, I think you get what I mean ;p

If you are interested in the products that I've shown above, do click on the following link for more information and check out their pretty website => Click Here

So, care to share what other methods that helps you get it on in the bedroom? Or what are some of the steps that you need to prepare before getting into the bedroom. Do share them with me as I

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