Monday, 6 October 2014

Yankee Candles Votives (Minis) Collection

As you can tell from the title I am an avid Yankee Candle Lover cum Collector. There's just something so therapeutic about little mini cutesy candles that makes me smile whenever I look at them. 

My obsession started when I was in the UK, entering one their flagship shops, giving all of them a wee sniff and BAM I was hooked. 

Anything that smells fruity, fresh, florally and heavenly gets me on the mood of acquiring them. As shallow as I may seem, at least I'm getting myself smelling good. 

Although Singapore is hot all year round and burning the candle in such a hot and humid environment doesn't seem to be a good idea, but I wouldn't it a damn and just light one up.

As I have mentioned, fresh florally fruity scents draws me in. Thus, my collection all consist of the said smell. It may sound boring and repetitive but trust me, each and everyone of them has its own unique scent (hey cummon, I'm trying to justify the reason I'm hoarding so many candles). <3

Top left: Summer Wish, November Rain, Sweet Apple, Champaca Blossom, Beach Walk
Middle left: Over the River, Pink Sands, Sea Coral, Black Plum Blosson, Margarita Time
Bottom left: Vanilla Lime, True Rose, Whiskers on Kittens

Look how pretty and colourful they are. Absolute LOVE.COM here. And I've burned several of them (Beach Walk, Pink Sands and Summer Wish) and they are so good. You literally just need to kick start a half hour burn they fill up the whole room. My only gripe is when the fire is out, there'll be this burning smell which is kind of annoying.

So, have you tried any Yankee Candles before? Which candle brand is your favourite? Honestly, I much prefer the Yankees over Bath and Body Works as their scents are more prominent (and much cheaper here in Singapore too).

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