Saturday, 12 July 2014

Beauty: Clarisonic Mia 2 Review

First of all, I just want to tell you guys how much I love love love this awesome product. Its the Clarisonic for the face. Ever since I'd used this, my skin has never been better. 

What this does is that you use it together with a foam cleanser (had used it with Neutrogena, Lancome, Benefit Foaming Cleansers) and with a click of the button, you just let the brush do its job.

What it claims:
With one finger on the pulse of technology and another on that of skincare, Clarisonic knows a thing or two about antiaging techniques. The development team, led by the primary inventor of the cutting-edge Sonicare® toothbrush, is committed to creating new ways to shed years off your skin. The easy-to-use daily devices use advanced sonic technology for results that are nothing short of impressive. Power on a Clarisonic tool and see for yourself why spas, celebrities, and dermatologists swear by their unmatched benefits.

True to it's claim, my skin felt so clean and my blemishes reduce significantly. Its something about the rotating brush that makes sure no skin is un-covered. A push of the button allows 1 minute of brushing and you just move this baby across your skin without doing too much work.

My only gripe about this product that the brush head that comes with the Clarisonic is a normal one (they have a brush for sensitive skin) and I felt that my skin felt tender after using it. Oh, not forgetting that the price is on the higher side too.

However, if you ask me whether I regretted buying the Clarisonic, the answer is NO. I would still purchase it as it does tons of benefit to my skin in making my skin so clear that its worth every single penny.

So, if you have the money to spare, go ahead and try it. You'll definitely be able to notice the difference in your skin after using it. :)

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