Sunday, 21 November 2010

YSL Series: Faux Clis Mascara

I'll let the pictures do the talking. Really, there's no point in trying to convince someone how effectively this products works by using words to describe.

Here's the proof!!

No mascara at all. Ignore the pimplish face. Its undergoing a phase of destruction -__-'''

And this is YSL Faux Clis Mascara without using the any eyelash curler. And look how my lashes try to stay northwards. Best of all it does lengthens and volumise. So its kinda a great product.

Can't get enough of this as I love how the packaging being all goldy and classic looking. Not to mention the gorgeous scent that it gives off.

However, priced at £20++ (US 30++) or rather Japanese Yen 4000, its really not what I would call it bank-saviour.

For further reviews, please click here on my Youtube Video.

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CathJ said...

never tried ySL before ... yet.. :)