Saturday, 24 July 2010

How To Apply Makeup?

Advice from The Goss Makeup Artist, and I'm trying to follow every step of it.

1. Apply Primer or moisturiser to the face. It is not necessary to apply both.
2. Pencil in the eyebrows.
3. Apply a primer or eye base to the eyelid (optional). I tend to favour either MAC paint pots or Nars Eye Primer.
4. Apply the highlighter shadow (lightest) the the eyelid and brow bone.
    Apply the midtown shadow (middle shade - usually matte in tone) to the crease of the eye, bringing it to    the nose bone.
    Apply the contour shade (darkest of the three shadows) along the upper outer lash line and upper crease.
5. Curl lashes and apply a VERY thin coat of mascara.
6. Clean up any fallout you may have from eyeshadow application.
7. Highlighting and contouring is applied now. This step is optional.
8. Apply foundation. Your choice of product.
9. Apply corrector/concealer under the eye.
10. Set with powder (unless using a cream blush).
11. Use a q-tip under the eye to make sure not powder has collected into any lines.
12. Apply bronzer to the face (optional - but not recommend for very fair skin tones)
13. Apply blush to the cheek bones.
14. Apply any shimmer highlighter to the face. Cheek bones, bridge of the nose, etc...
15. Curl the lashes and apply a full coat of mascara.
16. Line and fill in the entire lip with a lip pencil.
17. Highlight the cupids bow (optional)
      Apply concealer to the bottom of the lip (unless already full). Press lips together.
18. Apply concealer to the bottom of the lip (unless already full). Press lips together.
19. Apply lipstick. The concealer with act as a highlighter and give fullness to the lips.
20. Apply lip gloss to the bottom lip only and press lips together.

I hope this helps!! ^__^ Well, more of a guidance for myself ;p

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