Sunday, 11 December 2016

Illuma Pearls - Mother Earth's Jewel | ad

I have to say I was extremely lucky to be able to attend this event hosted by Illuma Pearls and 37 Comms as I got to witness one of a kind jewelleries made from the mother nature's treasure, Pearls. 

A little background on the company Illuma Pearls, it is the first brand under its Singapore Holding Company, P & Co Pearls. Owning a deep-sea farm in Indonesia, the brand promotes eco-friendly farming practices (yup, that's right, no use of machines or other destructive man-made tools in the ocean). Besides sea pearls, Illuma carries freshwater pearls too. 

Apologies for the blurry picture as I have a pair of unsteady hands -__-''

As you can see from the pictures, the pearls are organic and unprocessed, thus each pearls has their own unique design, shape, lustre, surface, marks, colours and spots. Meaning, your pearl is one of a kind and no two are the same.

I really love how classy and yet modern the designs of this pair of earrings from Illuma. Not just the earrings, I was gobsmacked by how trendy and elegant some of the accessories are such as the necklaces and rings above. Ranging from an affordable $29 to the exquisite $4000++, I'd say they do cater to everyone's budget and preferences.

Definitely recommend checking their creations out at 112 @ Katong Level 3. And also do head over to their website for more info and to purchase too.

Huge thanks to Illuma Pearls and 37 Comms for your invite and generosity. ^_^

Disclaimer: The products PR samples for reviewing purposes. I was not sponsored in any monetary way nor instigated to used "preferred" words for this post. All opinions provided are honest and of utmost truest feelings of mine after seeing the products. 

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