Sunday, 27 February 2011

Korean Brand Haul = Etude House, Nature Republic

When you are deeply deprived of something, and when you can't take it anymore, like an atomic bomb ready to explode once the compression is just too much, you tend to do something extravagantly to curb your thirst.

This happens to me when I did not go for makeup shopping for the past 1 month.

Immediately, I dunk my money on multiples of lip balms (unneccessarily). Don't believe me, check out below!!

Etude House:
Blush in No.1
Lip Balm
Beige Eyeshadow

Nature Republic:
2 lip balms (1 in the container as above and the other in a tube)

What's intriguing is that the lip balms from Nature Republic, although represented clear translucent and orangey products, both of them react to the temperature of our lips. Cool huh!!? Thus giving the lips a nice pinkish tint. L.O.V.E I.T!!

Alright, I've been a bad gal. Not updating my blog for a freaking whole week. How lazy can I be **hang my head low in shame**

OOOooooo, by the way, I just had a wonderful foot massage session with my mum. ^_^

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CathJ said...

your mom with you in Japan?? wow so nice.. :D