Sunday, 9 November 2014

Beauty Haul | MAC, Maybelline etc.

OH, finally, back... Home sweet home. Well, come to think of it, I'd rather be in Europe having fun and relax then coming back facing reality. A coward act, I know... But I don't care. Europe is heaven and I had been having the best time of my life :)

So, I've been consolidating my photos from Europe thus they won't be up on this blog too soon until I finish sorting them out. Looking at those happy smiley photos is a torture. Its like travelling back through time but with a dagger in the heart, if you know what I mean. But anyway, I shall not rant and I'll make sure those good memories stay with me for the rest of my life (well, unless I'm hit with Dementia or something).

Alrighty, let's get on with the haul. This is a long overdue haul and the photos has been sitting in my laptop for ages. I didn't acquire much but still, a haul doesn't come by very often, so enjoy ^_^

MAC Maybelline

MAC Maybelline

MAC Maybelline
Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof Mascara (I solemnly swear that this is one of the best mascara in the whole world and I do mean way up there with Urban Decay Canonball mascara, my all time favourite)
MAC Cleansing Oil
MAC All That Glitters Eyeshadow (heard so many good reviews on this product, will try and let you know)
Cathy Doll Mademoiselle Sweet Blusher in Paprika Baguette.