Tuesday, 8 May 2012

How to Stimulate Hair Growth

Its quite unbelievable that I, at such a young age (-__-) should be plague with extreme hair loss (hey, losing more than 50 strands a day is classified as extreme, not that I'd really counted them, but whatever).

Thus, on my quest to search for the ultimate solution, I went as far as stallking scoring people's blog and Youtube videos on how to keep my mane intact.

And then, came the glorious moment when I stumbled upon Laura's blog (lollipop26 or buynowbloglater.com) that she had tried a brand call Phyto which actually works that I decided to take the dive and splurge on these babies.

I've got the

And let me tell you this guys, they are freaking AWESOME (so awesome that I've to capitalize and bold and make them words look bigger. Even my hairdresser informed me that baby hair are growing on my balding spots (which she commented months ago how bald I'm going to look as there are bald patches everywhere)

Check out the video below to watch my review for these products.


But of course, here are some additional tips on how to keep your weave from falling (not that it really worked well on me, but as most nutritionist/magazines/self-help books promote these ways, I might as well share them)

1. Avoid tugging your hair when they are wet
2. Avoid using a narrow-tooth hair brush to go through your hair
3. Avoid tying ponytails
4. Avoid food that are too salty or processed
5. Eat more food that are choked with iron, vitamins, folic acid, protein
6. Avoid going on a crash diet as your deprived body may suck out nutrien from your hair
7. Quit constantly running your fingers through your hair

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