Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Olio Cafe, Lot 1 Shopping Mall, Chua Chu Kang

I just can't believe that I'd abandoned this blog for over a week. That's simply outrageous in my opinion. So many things had been happening lately that I can't even have a breather for a second. More things to come though, but still, I think I can manage them just as well ^_^

So, onto the food. Olio Cafe sound a bit dodgy if you ask me. Like an Italian restaurant wannabe in my opinion which serve sub-par food. However, it turns out to be a pleasant trip and would definitely come back for more. 

Here are some orgasmic food picture for you to savour. Note: Picture were taken with my Samsung S3.

Seafood marinara pasta. 

Lobster penne in tomato base. Looks yummy. I think my friend enjoyed it too.

Baby back ribs with BBQ sauce. A tad too dry however not too tough. Coleslaw and fries were good though.

Appetizer platter which consists of potato wedges, takoyaki (octopus ball, supposedly grilled, but fried in this case), onion rings, crab balls and some chicken wings. A decent platter. Nothing to shout about. Enough for 4 person sharing.

So, if you happen to pass by this restaurant, go give it a try. And once again, I would like to apologize for the lack of post. Hopefully, my Youtube videos and blog would return to normal posting consistency in the near future. Wish me luck ^_^


CathJ said...

Not bad ha samsung's pic... :)

Still thinking want samsung or iphone.. Hihi

yeeling said...

Seafood marinara pasta looks nice....